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People have been asking how we did our artwork on our walls from the pictures I posted. So here is how! You can go to Michael's website and get ideas from there.

But basically you need:
  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam, 1-inch x 12-inch x 36-inch Sheet, 3 (For the 3 green and brown ones we did, each piece was 12 x 24 inches)
  • Scrapbook Paper, 12-inch x 12-inch, (however many you want)
  • Ribbon, 1-inch, 12 yards
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Spray Glue
  • Exacto Knife; or, Dental Floss
  • Push Pins (to hang them up)
-Cut styrofoam to any shape or design you want with an exacto knife or dental floss BEFORE you glue the paper on.
-Spray the paper with the spray glue and stick it on the styrofoam.
-Wrap double sided tape along the sides/edges of the styrofoam.
-Stick ribbon to the double sided tape. (You can do it like our green and brown ones. We put ribbon in between the 2 pieces of paper to make it look cleaner)
-Use push pins to hang it up.

Seriously it i so easy! You can use cloth, paper, tissue paper, sticks, etc! Good luck and have fun. Please show me pictures of the completed projects!
Thanks to Kelsi Fullmer, I have a new favorite song. Check it out!
I love summer. Full of warm weather, outdoor activities, good food, and lots of vacations! Here is the start of our summer.

Lunch at Thanksgiving Point Gardens to celebrate 10 months.
Brandon taught me how to fish.
Hiking Bridal Veil Falls for our first time.

Visiting family. I have to admit a baby looks good on him ;)
We went to see Up. Seriously. Amazing.
Kelsi Kesler got married to Caleb Fullmer in Idaho Falls!

Camp fire with the Marcum's in Rexburg
Four-wheeling in Ririe
Girls trip to Vegas with my Mom and my 2 aunts. I was the tag-along.

Mini-golfing. I beat Brandon by 11 strokes. Ouch.

And we go to Bear Lake in a week from Wednesday!!
I have so much fun with my husband. I just thought all of you should know that. He is always up for anything and always makes me laugh. He loves to be outdoors and loves warm weather. He is very patient with me and always is willing to help me out. Lately he has been cuddling me a lot! And that equals happiness in my book. He is a very good husband.

Have I mentioned that he surprised me at the airport when he picked me up from Florida with no beard?! This deserves its own post. Brandon grew out a beard. Took him a while, but it was still a beard. I think he looked hot with it. But my chin was starting to chafe, so I nonchalantly would tell him how awesome it would be if he shaved it. Haha. Here is the difference. Which one do you like more?

So we completed these projects a while ago, but I am just getting around to putting them up on the blog. I have been on a homemaking/decorating kick lately and these are some of the results. Brandon helped me with everything. He is very creative and artsy.

This first one I am sure many of you have noticed as the top of our blog picture. As a class assignment last semester Brandon had to find the entire alphabet in natural settings. So after the project, we decided to find letters for our last name to put up in our house to replace our life-sized engagement photo my Mom got us that was over our TV. Brandon took the "A," "C," and second "M" pictures while I took the first "M," "R," and "U." We are very happy with the outcome! And now I see letters in everything!
Next. I love Michael's, the craft store. It is great. That is where I took my cake decorating class (it just ended). These are my cupcakes I did, as well as the rose I learned how to do. The last class was during my cleanse so I didn't want to make a cake for it. So I just took a picture of the rose and left. I posted the first cake I did earlier. (Brandon did the cupcake in the bottom left corner with the purple flowers.. I taught him how!)

On Michaels' website, they have a bunch of craft ideas. So I found this one and went crazy! I love it and it was so fun and easy. Let me know if you want to try it and I will give you instructions. I am telling you. Michael's is amazing.