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To all of you bloggers out there... I need advice. Please help!

I never post on our blog anymore because it takes so LONG! It takes me forever to upload pictures. I can only upload 3 at a time or it says the upload was a "bad request." But pictures are the whole point of the blog! So I want to include the pictures. I made the Colorado post and it took me 2 days. That is WAY too long! I have heard about updating my blog but don't know how. I also have heard about creating a new blog and the new system is a lot easier and faster. But I don't want to have to get a new domain name or anything. So I think that option is out. I have also heard about doing it through your email or through another site, but I don't know how!

Any suggestions? Thank you bloggers!
We have made some purchases lately that have been very good ideas. So I wanted to share them:)

First we purchased a rug that was on sale. We got it for a steal! We have been wanting a big rug since we got married but couldn't find one for a decent price that we liked. This one is perfect. Except for the fact that the cats love it and it collects hair very quickly. So I have vacuumed it every day since we got it. Oh well.

And next are the cat beds. We had a laptop shelf thingy that I would use to study with while on the couch or bed. We decided to put a blanket over this for the cats to lie on. Well Sniper would lie on it but Gunner wouldn't get close. We recently got a new couch and don't allow the cats up on the couch. Well since Gunner had no where to sleep at night, every night after we would go to bed and close our bedroom door, he would jump up on the couch and sleep there! So I decided to try out a cat bed and see how he liked it. Our cats love the feeling of "hiding" and go under anything. So I got this bed.

Well not only did Gunner love it, but Sniper loved it too. They would fight over it. The second one of the cats got out of it, the other cat would sneak in right away. When Sniper would sleep in there, Gunner still didn't have anywhere to sleep, so he would continue to get on the couch. So we purchased a second one. Now they are in heaven. They haven't picked beds yet, but tend to just go in the one that the other isn't in. But I seriously think this is the best purchase we have made in a very long time. No more cat hair on the couch and they LOVE them! I suggest these beds to any cat owners out there.
I had a baby shower in Colorado a couple of weeks ago. Since I am not working I decided to go out there for the week to spend time with family and friends. And the anniversary of my brother's car accident was just 3 days before the shower, so I decided to be there for that as well.

It has been 8 years since Brian passed away, and every year my family goes and lights luminaries and places them at the crash site... so all those who drive by can have a glimpse of beauty and light on that gloomy day.

We went and visited his grave and gave him a present, and then set up the luminaries. And then we went to dinner with the Heykoops, Michael's family (Michael was my brother Brian's best friend who passed away in the car accident as well). It was a good day to be with family and friends. It always makes it a little easier.

Visiting Brian.

Setting up the luminaries..

While I was in Colorado I got to see many friends and it made me so happy! Usually when I come in to town, I only have a couple of days so it is all spent with family. I got to have girlfriend time everyday! I also got to go on morning walks with my parents, and attend a class with my sister at her high school!

We visited my old boss at Outback Steakhouse. Of course. It is a tradition we always go to Outback when I am in town!

We did some shopping and had great parking! Too bad this is only at the baby store. They need these in more parking lots!

I visited with my best friend Leslie who just had her baby girl Ashlyn in January, as well as my college roommate and really good friend in high school Raquel.

Then we had a baby shower! I LOVED this baby shower. It couldn't have been better. Over 40 people came and supported me and my family. It was amazing. We played games, ate amazing food, had a drawing, and I was SHOWERED with gifts. It was so good to see people who I haven't seen in years. I just wish I lived in Colorado so I could see these amazing people more on a regular basis! (These pictures are in really random order.. sorry).

I copied this from Leslie's shower. Who will baby Marcum look like?!

Dessert table.
Food table.

Beautiful women.

(I stole these from Rachel!)

Me opening presents.

Playing games.

I miss Colorado already. I wish I could ALWAYS be there! Thank you to everyone who came to the shower and spent time with me. I loved every minute of it!

Results of Baby Shower #1
Location: Littleton, Colorado
Date: March 3rd, 2011

Wow we have been spoiled! I went out to Colorado this past week because my Mom, two sisters, and one of bestest friends April and her Mom Sue threw me a baby shower! There were over 40 people there. Some amazing women were there. Some women that I haven't seen for YEARS. I am so blessed and honored to have each of them in my life. I am so thankful that they care for me enough to come to my shower and bring me, Brandon, and baby Marcum gifts! I am overwhelmed with happiness still as I think about the smiling faces that I got to see and talk to last week. I already miss them all!

Thank you again for all your love!