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Now I just have 4 finals left. Then I will never have to go to school ever again.
Monthly Sunday dinner with the Marcum clan. We love them! I caught Sariah and Isaac wearing me and Brandon's shoes!

Everyone loves to wrestle Brandon.

We got to see my family last weekend! We met in Glenwood Springs in celebration of Brian's 21st birthday. It is crazy how time flies by. I can't believe he would be 21. Anyways, it was a great weekend. We enjoyed good food, a free hotel, playing games, and of course the amazing hot springs! It was so fun to hang out in 104 degree water while it was snowing outside!

The whole family out to dinner!
Getting ready to go to the hot springs!

Sisters in our tiny towels!

Hot springs!

The "therapy" pool!
The whole family in the cold hot tub at the hotel!

We discovered that the jets made waterfalls!My dad is acting innocent while he makes a waterfall behind him!

Brian's 21st birthday ice cream cake!

My Mom blowing out the candles!
We released 21 balloons for Brian on his birthday.
We love you Brian.

This weekend we had the opportunity to go to the temple with a big group of friends. It was so cool to experience the temple with so many close friends. We also got the pleasure of Mom and Dad Marcum coming to visit us! They took us to lunch and then to the BYU Ballroom Dance show. It was so cool! Below is a picture of one of the routines they performed.

Saturday was my good friend Mark's reception. He was my next door neighbor while I lived in Florida. He now works for Disneyland in California and met the perfect girl! Here is a big group of the BYU College Program Cast Members!

The 4 of us were crazy in Florida! This is what we call the Doobie face! (It's hideous I know.)
The 3 stooges. Kelsi, in the middle, is getting married on May 23rd in the Idaho Falls temple!!
This was us a year and a half ago in Florida on Thanksgiving. Man did we get bored. Once again, the doobie face.We went to Cafe Rio afterward Mark's reception and got the biggest salad I have ever seen!
We also got to spend Easter with my Grandma and Grandpa here in Provo! I called them on Saturday to wish them a Happy Easter and they told me they didn't have any plans on Easter. So Brandon and I made them dinner and celebrated with them. They provided the infamous Ellsworth ice cream bar after dinner! Yum!
This is how I feel. My head has so much congestion and pressure in it that I feel like it's going to fly away like a balloon. I have been sick now for almost a week. And it is awful. Instead of getting better, I am getting worse. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN?! Today is definitely one of those days that I want to curl up in bed with a hot cup of tea and never leave my bed. Instead, I worked from 8 am to 1 and now I am in class from 1 until 9 pm tonight. So nasty.

Don't you hate when all your muscles ache? And you can't sleep because you can't get comfortable? How about when you are always so cold that even the toilet seat is FREEZING on your bum?! Don't judge.. you all know what I am talking about.