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Last night we had essential oils on our feet. Each oil has a different scent, and in my opinion they all smell really good!

And apparently Sniper LOVES essential oils. We have discovered this before, but last nights reaction was hilarious! We decided to record it for all of you to enjoy. I have never seen him react like this. Sniper is our black cat that kind of has a little attitude. He is very affectionate... but only when he wants to be. Which is usually when it is inconvenient for us! But this shows that he LOVED the oils!

We came home and took off our shoes at the front door. The cats instantly went to the spot where we stood in our socks after we took off our shoes. Hilarious!

(Oh and please don't mind all the mess in the background. We have some awesome family members who have given us baby items and they are sitting in our living room waiting for us to go through them and organize them).
We went to Colorado for Christmas this year. We decided to fly since the past two years we got stuck because of the weather. We had to wake up at 2:45 am to make it to the airport in time. I wasn't feeling well that morning (of course since morning sickness is still affecting me at 22 weeks!) so Brandon went and asked the ticket taker if expectant mothers get to board with families with children. EVEN BETTER! We got to board with the people with disabilities! We got to board the plane before anyone else. So we got to pick our seat.

We picked the first row. This was my first time in the front row on a plane ever.

Pregnant= disabled. I love it!
We then got to have a get together with some of my very best friends in Colorado. We exchanged white elephant gifts and talked for hours.

I got a nutcracker and it made me so happy! I seriously asked for Christmas decorations for Christmas. So this was perfect.

We had to wear our awesome sweaters.
April and Trevor and Canon and their white elephant gifts.
Left to right: Gardner, he is living in New York cutting hair... Kara, she is living in Denver teaching Kindergarten... April, she is living in Denver teaching yoga and is a Thai masseuse. Then me, pregnant, large, and in charge!
Christmas Eve we went to our annual dinner... Chinese food!

Brandon decided to finish off the soup.

We then drove around to look at Christmas lights. Here we are in the middle of downtown Littleton.
Christmas was amazing. We were all spoiled.

The presents were exploding in the living room. Can you find us?!

Christmas Eve Pajamas.

Brandon worked extra hours to make some extra money to afford this for me. A Mac Book Pro! It is so nice I am afraid I will ruin it! He also sewed this amazing laptop case for me.

We got my parents "proud new grandparents" shirts. It will be the first grandchild on my side!

Brandon and his duffel bag shaped like a Lego piece!

Family in aprons.

Enjoying our presents.

My little sister got a car! She got a Honda civic. Now all 3 of us girls have civics. So precious.

We then went shopping, ate a ton and went bowling!

This was the first game and I won! Brandon wasn't happy. I then won the second game as well! My score for the second game was 122! Who knew I could bowl? Cuz I sure didn't!

Family.Hubby and me.

April joined us.

When we returned, I soaked up all the time I could with Brandon before he had to go back to school or out of town for work. We hung out every night and it was SOOO amazing.

We went to dinner and got frozen yogurt.

We had 2 groupons to this yogurt shop that was 45 minutes from our house. So we used both and seriously got like a gallon of yogurt!
We then went to dinner (sushi... yum!) and to Tron 3D.
Then I gave Brandon a haircut. I have been begging him to let me try to cut it for months now. He has been very hesitant. I have never used hair-cutting scissors so this was my first time. But I finally convinced him. He said he loves it and wants me to cut it every time now on. HAHA!

Also I wanted to update everyone. I found out that I do have a blood clot in my leg. It is behind my left knee. It is painful and has given me some ugly and permanent varicose veins. I have to wear compression stockings everyday (I can't stand them) but they help with the swelling. It still hurts all day, but it is less painful with the stockings on. Here are some pictures of what my ankle looks like.
That is it! I will try to update more frequently now that I have a computer of my own!
I am late posting, I know. I have been without a computer for several months now. And with Brandon being so busy with school, I don't really get a chance to sit on the computer as he is always needing it. So posting on the blog has been delayed for sure. So here I will play catch up!

I will start with November. I turned 25 in November.

I got yummy cupcakes at work.

I got to open presents at night.
It is a tradition in my family to take a picture with all your gifts.
Brandon finally finished my statue of Christ! Now we just have to burn it or fry it or whatever. Still figuring that out.
Brandon got me roses!We spent Thanksgiving in Idaho with Brandon's family this year. It was just what we needed. A relaxing weekend. No crazy plans and stressful schedule to accommodate to. Nowhere to be. Nothing to do. I loved it. Plus this was the first weekend I got to see Brandon longer than 2 hours in about 3 months. So I LOVED IT!

We first went to my Grandpa's 80th birthday dinner in Idaho Falls.
My Mom and aunt Angie.
We told everyone what we having! We made a little card that says, "we found out our baby has 3 knees... a left knee.. a right knee... and a WEE KNEE!!!!" This is my parents holding the card. Bad picture I know.

We played games on Thanksgiving. I love playing games!

And Brandon played with legos for hours.
We went mini-golfing.
We got home and went to a movie! First date night in a LONG time.
Brandon had school and was really busy. I hung out alone a lot. Got addicted to some tv shows. When Brandon finally finished school for the semester we got to finish our Christmas shopping. We decided to go to a pizza buffet for dinner. WOW IT WAS AMAZING! It was like heaven for my pregnant body!