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I am pretty sure our kitties are the coolest kitties ever. They are like dogs. They "bark" when we play with them or when we tease them with the ball, they roll around when they are hyper, they love to have their belly's rubbed, they wait for us at the door when we come home, they follow us everywhere and hate it when we leave them out, they cuddle with us and purr whenever we rub them, and the best of all....they play fetch. Well Sniper does. Gunner is still working on it.

Sniper just loves his ball. He always just places it next to one of us, then stares at us when he wants us to play with him. It makes me laugh so hard.

Here are 2 videos.

*The first video is a bunch of short clips combined of Sniper chasing the ball and bringing it back. He really brings it back! (And please excuse my baby talk!)

*The next video is a bunch of clips combined of Sniper's mad hops. He jumps so high for that ball! And if you listen carefully, you can hear him meowing because we are getting him all riled up.

That is right. The past two weeks I have been working over time. Not only do I go to school from 1 to 9 Mondays and Wednesdays, but I work full-time. It is exhausting. Three times in the past 2 weeks I have only slept for 45 minutes in a night. School has consumed my sleeping time. I can't wait to graduate in 3 1/2 weeks.

Anyways, besides the torturous schedule I have had lately, Brandon and I have still had some fun the past few weeks. Here is another random list of pictures of our past few weeks.

My old roommate Shara asked Brandon and I to be in her film for her class. It was not so fun acting in front of a bunch of people we didn't know. But we got the hang of it and had fun "on the set!"
Chad, Brandon, Stephanie and Lauren came to visit! Courtney Harrop Ford got married on Saturday the 21st, so they all came out for the special day! It was really fun to have friends from Colorado come to stay at our place in Utah. It doesn't happen very often.

It was a tight squeeze with 4 people in our second bedroom as you can see. But it worked!

We went to the nickle arcade and got tons of tickets.

We got girls and boys prizes. The boys prizes were switch combs. A switch blade, but a comb!

The girls got slap bracelets. Those things rock!

Courtney and Rock were so happy! And the day was so beautiful!

Look how handsome the boys are!

So my friend Morgan got married the same day as Courtney! So we were juggling weddings all day. It was exhausting! But so fun to see them all.

Morgan and Chris were glowing the whole day!

It was Meagan Flora's birthday on Thursday so we went to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory! Meagan had about 50 people at her dinner! I swear all of Utah was there singing to her! She deserves it though!

Brandon, me, and Shara!

Matt West, Heather, Natalie, and Kristen.

Natalie and I shared our favorite salad ever! The Chinese Chicken Salad.

Mike and Leslie came in town for the weekend! We got to have more visitors! And we got to eat at Zupas with them! I am going to start calling this a tradition, because every time they come down, we ALWAYS go eat there!

This is what Brandon gets for taking pictures like this. I post them.

Isn't Gunner adorable?

Brandon got a new computer. I seriously don't see him anymore. It is like Bessie is his new girlfriend.

Thank you tax returns.
Brandon works from home and has been working on a dinosaur-like computer. Something his new computer does in 8 minutes, took him 5 hours on his old computer. So it was time for a new one. He has been super sweet about asking for a new one. He has been trying to save money for it because he wastes so much time waiting for the computer to function. So we decided that the money we got back from taxes would go towards his computer. He got a really good deal and a brand new computer from a guy who has 2 other computers and never even used this one. So he got it the same night he found the posting on Craigslist.
I told Brandon that I am happy he likes his new computer, but he must promise me one thing... not to love Bessie more than me. He agreed without hesitation. The next day Brandon came to me and said, " I shouldn't have promised you that..." Clearly, Bessie is a new member of this family.
So I know a lot of you read my own 25 Random Things About Me on Facebook. But Leslie, my best friend, tagged me on her blog to list 7 things no one knows about me. I have included some from the previous list, but added some more as well.

1.I have been stuck in between a 300-pound-woman's legs, being choked, and kissed all over the face while on stage and in costume as the most "perfect" princess in Disney World. Some reason my training manual didn't include the "what to do when trapped by a 300-pound-woman" section.

2. I am afraid of midgets. This is not just an "irrational fear" as my husband calls it. I seriously am frightened they will attack me when I am near. I have nothing against them in any sense, except that I fear for my well-being.

3. I am obsessed with Cadbury Mini Eggs. This is a very unhealthy obsession. Brandon bought 4 bags and I ate them in a week and a half. He bought more but hides them from me, and just secretly fills the candy bowl without me knowing. But when I find the bowl, the eggs are gone within hours!

5. When I was about 8, my neighbor (a little girl about 5 years-old) got locked inside of my house and strangled my hamster. When I came home my room was covered in blood. That poor hamster. He was just abused. A week before that, I caught my brother peeing on my hamster from the top of the bunk beds.

6. I taught my kitty how to play fetch. Well maybe he taught himself. But I like to think I helped.

7. If it weren't for me, Leslie and Mike would have never met. And if it weren't for Leslie, Brandon and I would have never met. I think we were meant to be best friends for a reason.

Now I tag: my Mom, Allyx, Whittney, MB, Steph Kulisch, Amanda, Mauri, Erica Harding, Bonnie, Heather, Erica Borrowman, and Stephanie Marcum the 1st.
Here are a bunch of pictures, at random, of things we have done lately.
We got to eat at my aunt Barb's house for Sunday dinner! We think she is an amazing cook so we always love going over there! It was in celebration for Erica and Andrea's birthdays.

We also went to a surprise birthday party for Erica but didn't take any pictures. She turned 6.25 this year (leap year bday).

Courtesy of my boss, we got to go to the Throwdown fight in Salt Lake. UFC style fighting. This was my first time going to anything like this, so I made Brandon narrate the fights for me.

We were cage side, so we saw all the blood flying and could hear every single hit.

It is very interesting to me that humans are so enthralled with violence. We literally pay hundreds of dollars to watch humans beat up other humans. Well all I will say is it is definitely a different culture, that's for sure.

Also courtesy of my boss, we got to go see Jeff Foxworthy is concert!

My good friends Kristen and Adam got married February 27th! I am so happy for them! And they looked amazing!

I got to see some friends at the wedding. I miss them very much!

Steph and Dave Kulisch came to visit! Steph had training at work so they came to stay at our house one night. They brought their new puppy Recon! You would think Recon, Sniper and Gunner would get along and be a great team, but the kitties did not like Recon at all :(

Recon fell asleep on the kitty pooper scooper.

We set a goal in 2009 to have a date night once a week. So far so good. And we both LOVE it! One date night we went to the BYU Art Museum. We wish we had more time to spend there because we loved it!

This past Friday we got to go to the Draper temple open house. It was such a cool experience. Plus it brought back memories of when Brandon and I went to the Rexburg temple open house when we were dating. (At that point we thought we were getting married in the Rexburg temple, so we paid close attention to everything!)

Matt and Britt were able to come with us! And afterwards, we went to Matt's house and they cooked us dinner! It was so amazing!

A random one of us at Matt's apartment waiting for dinner.
I thought I would update on the kitties as well. They are getting huge. haha. We bought them an automatic feeder, and it seems as though they can't control themselves! They have seriously gained weight.

Here is Brandon and Sniper. This is so typical for Sniper. He loves his belly rubbed.

Cute ole' Sniper trying to hide from us under the rug.

So the kitties love boxes. They love to feel covered and hidden. So we decided to finally just give them one. And man do they LOVE IT!! It is their new home.
Oh- and I decided to decorate it for them :)

Whenever we take out the laundry from the dryer, at least one of the cats jumps in. They love the heat and the smell of fresh laundry. Then they follow me to the bedroom where I place the clean clothes. Then they jump on the bed and lie down on the pile of clothes.

Well that's all folks!