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I've Been Tagged!

So I know a lot of you read my own 25 Random Things About Me on Facebook. But Leslie, my best friend, tagged me on her blog to list 7 things no one knows about me. I have included some from the previous list, but added some more as well.

1.I have been stuck in between a 300-pound-woman's legs, being choked, and kissed all over the face while on stage and in costume as the most "perfect" princess in Disney World. Some reason my training manual didn't include the "what to do when trapped by a 300-pound-woman" section.

2. I am afraid of midgets. This is not just an "irrational fear" as my husband calls it. I seriously am frightened they will attack me when I am near. I have nothing against them in any sense, except that I fear for my well-being.

3. I am obsessed with Cadbury Mini Eggs. This is a very unhealthy obsession. Brandon bought 4 bags and I ate them in a week and a half. He bought more but hides them from me, and just secretly fills the candy bowl without me knowing. But when I find the bowl, the eggs are gone within hours!

5. When I was about 8, my neighbor (a little girl about 5 years-old) got locked inside of my house and strangled my hamster. When I came home my room was covered in blood. That poor hamster. He was just abused. A week before that, I caught my brother peeing on my hamster from the top of the bunk beds.

6. I taught my kitty how to play fetch. Well maybe he taught himself. But I like to think I helped.

7. If it weren't for me, Leslie and Mike would have never met. And if it weren't for Leslie, Brandon and I would have never met. I think we were meant to be best friends for a reason.

Now I tag: my Mom, Allyx, Whittney, MB, Steph Kulisch, Amanda, Mauri, Erica Harding, Bonnie, Heather, Erica Borrowman, and Stephanie Marcum the 1st.


Amanda said...

totally missed the tag. but i will get to it ASAp. i think tomorrow will be the lucky day.


school can be so time consuming... good LUCK! and keep working'll be so worth it when it's all least we tell ourselves that..right? :) i hope you get some more sleep the next few weeks.