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Jack has grown pretty quickly over the past 3 months. And so has his hair.  It has always been an attention getter and the topic of all conversations when he is around. In fact, I sometimes count how many people stop to talk to me about his hair when we go out and I tell Brandon when he gets home... it is fun! 

But his hair started to get a little out of control. Brandon tried to convince me for about 3 weeks that we should cut it. Well last night our kitchen was turned in to a barber shop as I cut Brandon's hair and Jack's hair.  I normally cut Brandon's, so that was no problem. Jack on the other hand wanted nothing to do with getting his hair cut. He was screaming the entire time. I am ashamed to say I did a horrible job, but when it is styled like we usually do his hair, you can barely tell the mistakes I made.  

Anyways, here is a before and after comparison of his wild and crazy locks. 

This kid is going to break hearts when he is older!
So I originally posted this and then realized that the photo doesn't really show that much of a difference. In person, this onesie is being pulled so much it is showing his cleavage!

So, do you see a difference?

I am just catching up on the blogging.  Wow this is hard work!  It is like a full time job.  I think I need advice from all you bloggers out there how you get it done.  I have the hardest time.  I swear whenever Jack is sleeping, there are 10 other things that have priority over the blog.  So it gets pushed back to the next day and then again to the next day, and now 3 months back!  So here, the journey of "living in the past" begins! Enjoy:)
Mother's Day
May 8, 2011

I celebrated my first Mother's Day! Jack was 12 days old. So we didn't do much, but I surely enjoyed it!
Here is a picture of me and Jack the day Jack was born... April 26, 2011.

This is Jack and I on Mother's Day. Jack is 12 days old here.

Jack at 12 days old.
I look at this and can't believe he was ever this small!  

Brandon surprised me. I woke up and there was a path of love notes and rose petals beginning at our bedroom, taking me to the kitchen. Then in the kitchen there were my Mother's Day presents!  He got me a fondue set and flowers! 

My presents!

Family photo on Mother's Day

So we did fondue for dinner. But we did not take pictures of it. Sad. But we ate lots and it was delish.

Father's Day
June 19, 2011

Brandon celebrated his first Father's Day!

Here is Brandon and Jack the day Jack was born... April 26, 2011.

Here is Brandon and Jack on Father's Day. Jack is 7 weeks here. (And looks a little funky. hehe)

Brandon got a gift card to Sonic (for those days at work when he doesn't come home for lunch) and Jack got him a book for them to read together!  One of Brandon's favorite movies is Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. And he has never read the book! So Jack decided it was a MUST to get that book for them to share :)

And Jack insisted on signing Brandon's card! So here he is holding the pen right after he signed:) 

At church Jack decided to let everyone know that he had some "volume in the pants!" He tooted so loud when the sacrament was being passed out.  And it didn't stop! It was the longest toot ever. Everyone started to stare at us and all we could do was laugh.  We are proud parents :)

Jack hung out with his cousins all day.  We went over to my cousins place for some super yummy food and celebration.  Russ and Cyndi were so nice to include us on the family BBQ!  Here is Jack with Oscar. They are about 9 months apart.  And technically they are 1st cousins once removed, but that doesn't sound so cool, so we will call them cousins. 

And Jack wore his 'I heart daddy' onesie all day.  And he looked pretty awesome in it.  And yes, those are leg warmers, and yes they look adorable on him!

Here are some pictures of Jack having fun.  He is so cute, sometimes I can't help myself with the camera!

 He is so so cute!