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An Even Better Birthday Present

OK remember my post about putting up Christmas decorations early and how it is the best birthday present ever? Well I actually got an even BETTER birthday present on my birthday.

We have been SOOO anxious to find out what we are having! What parents aren't anxious?! Anyways, we found out that our 20 week appointment where we find out what we are having is 2 days before Christmas. And if anyone knows my Mom, she is already having a hard time restraining from buying baby clothes! So we knew it would be too close to Christmas to have everyone wait. So we went to Fetal Studios on my birthday (the 18th of November). It is a place in the mall that offers gender determination ultrasounds as early as 14 weeks. So for a birthday present, we headed in there.

I was just over 15 weeks when we went. The little bugger was fast asleep when we started the ultrasound. The doctor was poking my tummy, jiggling my tummy, etc trying to wake the baby up. The baby would move them fall right back to sleep; not allowing us to see the private parts! The doctor then had me roll to my side and low and behold......


(Here is the ultrasound we got. We decided to not expose his boy parts on the internet though!)
We couldn't be any happier! Now it is all becoming real. We can start planning, start throwing out boy names, and start deciding on nursery colors.

(I am going to live with 4 boys very soon. Weird!)

And as an update on the pregnancy if you are interested. And if you don't want details, I would suggest to stop reading now:

I am still sick everyday. I keep being told from doctors and nurses and friends and family that I should start feeling better any day now. And it never happens. I have tried 5 different types of medications and even natural remedies that are supposed to work, but nothing has seemed to work. I finally got Zofran (medicine they use for cancer patients to help with nausea caused from Chemo) and it is helping. I am still nauseous, still throwing up (TMI?), and still DEAD tired all the time. But the medicine helps the sickness not last as long. I guess that is a good thing right? I have also been told that you should ask your Mom and Grandma about their morning sickness because it is hereditary. Well my Mom was sick until 20 weeks or later and my Grandma was sick throughout her pregnancies, until the end. So it looks like I have a long road ahead of me still. Brandon hates seeing me be sick and wants to make it go away. But he also looks at it as a good sign that the baby is still growing and is still healthy. So I guess that is a positive way to look at it right?!

I have started to have swelling in my left leg. I have been told this isn't normal this early in the pregnancy. At first it wasn't painful, but now it is like a constant throbbing. It hurts to walk on my left foot. I can't bend my leg all the way. It feels like I am wearing really tight jeans that have no give. My ankle looks like I have elephantiasis (maybe I am exaggerating). I went in to the hospital tonight to get an ultrasound done on my veins. No blood clots. So that is a good sign. But now what? The doctor suggested to wear compression pantyhose. I sent Brandon to the store and he couldn't find any that mentioned "compression" on them. Does anyone know of any? Where do I find them?

I have been feeling the baby "flutter" inside of me now for a few weeks. But I think I felt him kick tonight. It was for sure more than a flutter. But it wasn't strong so it was hard for me to tell. Honestly, I can't wait until Brandon can feel them. He is just so cute with this whole thing!

My Mom got me some maternity clothes for my birthday and they are amazing! But it is what I wear under the clothes that are really bothering me lately (catch my drift?). What do you suggest?

I find myself contradicting myself a lot. During the day I have all desire to do something at night. I sometimes make plans or think of all the things that I can do. But by the time work is over, I have no energy or desire to do anything. I end up hanging out with myself on the couch in front of the TV every night. It would be very nice to hang out with others who are experiencing the same things as I am. Does anyone in the Utah area know of any groups or activities that are for pregnant woman? Not birthing classes as those are taken during your third trimester. But something like friend gatherings, hangouts, etc?

Anyways, My stomach is growing. I hate all pictures of me as I just look dead and fat. I crave anything with SALT. LOVE SALT SALT SALT!!! I like hamburgers, Mexican, Italian, and every single form of potatoes (fries, sweet potatoes, yams, tater tots, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, funeral potatoes, etc). I don't really crave any sweets. WEIRD since I have had a very big sweet tooth my whole life.I have actually had a really weird heart beat so my doctor told me to reduce my salt intake. WHAT?!!! How am I ever going to do that?!

Well OK I think I just wrote a novel. Good thing this is my journal so I can one day look back at my awesome thoughts. But for all of you, you got a taste of what it is like to be Stephanie! hehe.

Ok but seriously, I am done now. Thanks for reading. Love you all.

I lied. One more. If you have any boy name suggestions, we could really use the help:)

Ok now I am done.


Mars said...

I'm so excited for you guys! Hope you start feeling better soon!

Kelsi Fullmer said...

So glad we are both having little boys so close together! :) I will pray for you to start feeling better! I wish we could have our own pregnancy support group :) we'd have lots of fun!

Sourire said...

bleeeh so terrible to feel like throwing up all the time! I kept expecting it to get better too and it really didn't until maybe... 17 or 18 weeks? and then I still threw up every week or so for another month. So fun :) I know it means healthy pregnancy but it's really hard to appreciate that when you're kneeling over a toilet... so hang in there!

Melissa + Brett said...

YAY!!!! A BOY!!!!! Our boys can be BFF cousins for sure! Ricks (AKA BYUI) here they come! Oh, the joys of pregnancy. I don't feel better until 20+ weeks. I hope you feel better soon!! I esp. hope you figure out what is going on with your leg! As for boy names, Brett and I need help too. Girl names come so easy for us, but boy names are a knock down, drag out, fight! GOOD LUCK!

Morgan said...

Congratulations!!!! Boys are so fun, you will love it!

Chris+Jules said...

Am I the only one that thinks it is HILARIOUS that you said you didn't want to expose the boy parts of your ultrasound on the internet?! hahaha. You are so freakin' funny.

p.s. Greta had about 6 names until she was born. That method worked well for us. Our home teacher made up a weird name for their unborn child to tell everyone when they asked (you're gonna get asked about a million times) and they ended up using it for the middle name.