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This post is dedicated to Brian Thomas Ellsworth
(Sorry I am using the blog as my journal today)

6 years ago this Saturday, February 28th, my younger and only brother was killed in a car accident. He was 14 years old and only a freshman in High School. He was my best friend and my role model. He was the most perfect person I knew. He was such an example to me... and continues to be throughout my life. I now live my life for him, and strive to live in the way he would if he was here. He was my biggest fan and was always so proud of me. He taught me the true meaning of unconditional love.

That night of the 28th has forever changed my life. From that night forward, I have had no doubt in my mind that the gospel is true. I am so thankful to have the knowledge of the after life and the opportunity to see him again. I know Brian was meant to have a short life here on Earth so he could return to our Heavenly Father to serve his mission up above. Even though I have healed from this tragedy, doesn't mean I have forgotten Brian. His spirit still lives and will always live. I feel his presence with me very often and know he is watching me closely.

6 years. Wow. Sometimes it seems like it has been a lifetime since I last saw him. Other times it feels like it was just yesterday that I said goodbye to him 20 minutes before the accident.

Every year my family lights luminaries and releases balloons at the crash site as a celebration of his life, as well as the other two teens that were killed in the accident. This will be my first year that I will not be there with my family.

However, I am very lucky that I have such a wonderful husband who so kindly has taken the role of being my comforter during rough times. He never got to meet Brian, but still cares so much about him.
Family, I wish I was there with you. But please know I will be lighting luminaries for Brian as well on Saturday.
We have been married 6 months. We made it half a year. Wow. That deserves celebrating. Let's go to Disneyland.

And off we went.

Saint George temple. We stopped there on our way to Cali.
Brandon's house he grew up in while living in Vegas

One of Brandon's presents. I made him a game.
This is the outline of the dead man on our sealing of our hotel.

Americans. Do I need to say more?

The tough guys wearing ridiculous hats they would never be caught dead wearing outside of disney.

Splash Mountain. I was very cold. The boy in the front said to his Mom, "Mom look at that weird lady behind you!" While I was standing right next to him. hehe

It is sleeping beauty! I know her!

Brandon decided he wanted to go on the wet ride. It was freezing that day but I said sure! I wore my poncho. Looks like it was not a smart idea for Brandon!

Mommy wow! I'm a big kid now!

once again, freezing

Huntington Beach

I was cold and wet.. and it was really windy. Hence the inside out umbrella.

It was an amazing trip! And I am so happy to be married to my best friend. I always have so much fun with him no matter where we go. 6 months down. I love happily ever after!
.... I miss this ....

Short hair is such HIGH MAINTENANCE!!!
I made a mistake. I counted wrong. I have 54 school days left until I graduate... not 81. My bad. So I guess instead of eternity, it is more just like... forever?
Imagine this: 3 part owners of a company. First.. 2 quit. Then the only 2 sales representatives quit. This results in no money and bankruptcy. Or I guess denial of bankruptcy.

Well, welcome to my life the past few months. Closet Technologies has been struggling to pay me and it has really been hard. I decided to look around for jobs just in case I came in to work the next day and was told there was no money to pay me. I have a couple friends who got me an interview, so I went in 2 weeks ago and was hired the same week! So I had to tell Closet Tec good-bye, and move on.

So. Say hello to the new Executive Assistant to the owner of Flagship Financial Group. A multi-million dollar company that has been around for 10 years. I work 35 hours a week while still taking 15 credits. So busy.. busy.. of course. But I am excited tho.. because there is room for me to move up in the company after I graduate!!

By the way, I counted today, and I graduate in 61 days. Could that seriously be any closer to eternity?!!

The end.