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Correction.. 54 days

I made a mistake. I counted wrong. I have 54 school days left until I graduate... not 81. My bad. So I guess instead of eternity, it is more just like... forever?


Jordan. said...

That is pretty much an entire month of miscalculation. And you are about to graduate college?!
There are those of us that deserve to graduate, and those of us who don't. Guess we all know which one you are.

No, I'm excited for you, Steph. It'll be awesome.

Steph said...

WHATEVER JORDAN!! You are supposed to respect your elders, not bash them! Yes I added February twice. I was so sad after I thought about it, I decided to recalculate. haha. a simple mistake.

Stephanie said...

AHaha I'm so glad it is a whole month less! I promise that'll go by fast, it just has to!


Yeah almost done with school...congrats on the new job also.