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New Job

Imagine this: 3 part owners of a company. First.. 2 quit. Then the only 2 sales representatives quit. This results in no money and bankruptcy. Or I guess denial of bankruptcy.

Well, welcome to my life the past few months. Closet Technologies has been struggling to pay me and it has really been hard. I decided to look around for jobs just in case I came in to work the next day and was told there was no money to pay me. I have a couple friends who got me an interview, so I went in 2 weeks ago and was hired the same week! So I had to tell Closet Tec good-bye, and move on.

So. Say hello to the new Executive Assistant to the owner of Flagship Financial Group. A multi-million dollar company that has been around for 10 years. I work 35 hours a week while still taking 15 credits. So busy.. busy.. of course. But I am excited tho.. because there is room for me to move up in the company after I graduate!!

By the way, I counted today, and I graduate in 61 days. Could that seriously be any closer to eternity?!!

The end.


Stephanie said...

Congratulations Stephanie! I'm so glad you found a new job and it sounds like a really great situation - always good to know they can pay you :)

I miss you and know you're busy, but I hope you're hanging in there.

Allyx and Dan said...

YAY! Good job my darling. I'm happy you got a new job. It'll be great to be able to keep it after you graduate. Miss you and LOOOOOVVVE you!

Michael & Leslie McCabe said...

COngrats on the new job!!! Sure miss you! Just remember that I feel your senioritis..... We are almost there!!!!!!!!!

Mel said...

Congrats on the new job Steph! Working your way up somewhere usually seems to be the best way to get to the top and I won't be one bit surprised when you get your first promotion before you're even there a year.