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I have never been a tv watcher. I have always just been too busy and too cool for tv. Kidding. But really. I have always had a demanding schedule that I wasn't able to watch a tv show the same night every week. (Hence the reason why I watched the entire season of Glee in 2 days). Well Brandon loves the show Lost. I have never seen an episode. In fact, I have never heard ANYTHING about it. I always figured the show was like Survivor... stuck slash stranded on a deserted island. So Brandon and I decided to start watching the seasons together. We downloaded all seasons and we began.

In summary... my life has changed.

I dream about Lost.
I nightmare about Lost.
I daydream slash daymare about Lost.
I compare people to Lost people.
I am more jumpy than usual.
I wake up in the middle of the night, thinking about Lost.
etc., etc., etc.,


Lost has taken over my life. Everyday at work, I wait for the hour when I get to go home and watch my 3+ episodes for the night.
These are some of my thoughts so far.
-Why can't Jack say anything to anyone without sounding like a jerk?
-Why does Lock lie to EVERYONE? And why is he so freaking creepy?
-Why is Sawyer such a meany-head to everyone?
-Is it just me, or do half the words the Koreans say sound like they are speaking English?
-Kate is my old roommate Shara's identical twin. I call her Shara throughout the show as if she is in my living room with me.
-I hated Shannon. I am relieved she is dead.
-Boon's eyebrows were way too nice. Seriously, he was a guy!
-Why doesn't anyone live in the caves anymore?! Was it a fad?
-It secretly bothers me that everyone knows everyone and all their stories tie in to each other. I know this is a huge part of the story, but it bothers me.
-I think it is dumb there are people on the island I have never been introduced to yet. Why?!
-Why would the Others dress up and wear fake beards?
-Charlie is way too heated.
-Everyone is too secretive on the island. Tell the truth people!
-The episodes COULD be shorter and move faster. That way I wouldn't be so bored in the middle of the episodes, and wouldn't waste so much of my time.
Why is it so addictive?! And how do I make it stop?! I am only on episode 21 of 24 of season 2 out of 5 seasons. I have a long way to go.

I guess the way I make it stop is to watch all seasons before the 6th one comes out in a few weeks? Yep. I like that plan.

Too bad I don't have any friends or else they would miss me.

(Oh and P.S... Brandon dropped out at about the 4th episode. He has work and homework to do. So I watch it alone)
Here are many posts combined. So prepare for a LOT of photos.

I don't know if everyone saw our Christmas card when I had it as our main photo, so here it is. We made it SUPER cheesy this year!

Everyone usually thinks Brandon photoshopped the sweaters on the cats. Nope. See below. They are real sweaters and real antlers/hats. Sniper is very upset in this picture.
We went and saw the lights on Temple Square.

Brandon got two weeks off of school. We finally went to bed at the same time (first time in 4 months) and cooked dinner together. I LOVED IT.

We made sushi!

We also made manicotti. Brandon thought of the greatest way to stuff the pasta. We used my cake decorating frosting bags! It worked perfectly.

I teach Activity Days in my ward. These are my girls with their FHE lesson we made. They are so cute!

My work had a Christmas party. We thought it would be funny to wear ugly sweaters. No one said anything. I guess it wasn't so funny to others.

There was a raffle for prizes. Brandon won a brand new ipod video nano. It is way cool! But we both have ipods, so we are not sure what to do with it. Does anyone need one? We can give you a good deal:)$product$

We spent Christmas in Idaho this year. My first Christmas away from home. It was hard for me, but it was so fun to spend so much time with Brandon's family. We had a blast!

All the kids dressed up for the nativity story.

Elsie just concentrated on balancing a mint on her toe during the story!

Brandon was the angel!

The girls rode in our car on our way to deliver gifts for Santa's Helpers.

Christmas morning. Brandon got me an ipod touch and a remote starter for my car! Plus so many other gifts! He did so great! He is awesome.

The game of the week was "see how many cards you can toss in to a hat"
Brandon and Anna;)

We also played "Who Am I"

Reading with Elsie

We then got to hang out with our friends Dan, Allyx, Ryan, and Whittney! We got to hang out all day.

On New Years Eve we went to dinner at Macaroni Grill with Matt, Chris, and Julia. We got gift cards for Christmas from Mom and Dad Marcum. Well the waiter forgot chicken on my pasta, so we mentioned it, and I got another fresh pasta made which I got to box up and take home, AND they removed it from our bill! So now we get to go back again!
My Mom and Dad and little sister came in town for the New Years weekend. We all drove up to Idaho to hang out at the Moss Farm for the weekend. And everyone was there! Almost all of the cousins. It was a blast! (Please excuse my nastiness)
Making a snowman.

Baby Jefferson.


We went snowmobiling and sledding. There was tons of fresh snow so it was very deep.

My good friend Jessica lives in New York, but has moved back to Salt Lake for a few months. So we had a friend dinner at Teppanyaki!

I can't believe it is 2010. Wow.
So Brandon and I had a bet. Our bet was to see who could grow out our hair for the longest amount of time... my leg hair and Brandon's facial hair. Gross right? Well it is Winter! I thought, "Who sees my legs during the winter?!" I thought of the prize... an hour massage. I knew I would win, so I was very confident and excited for my massage. Well 10 weeks later, I gave up. I forfeited. I got a gym pass and started to go to aerobic classes where I would wear capri's. It was a sight no one should have to see. I was embarrassed every time someone would look over at me! So I decided to shave. And I obviously lost the bet and had to give Brandon an hour massage. Here are our results after 10 weeks. It is so gross! I am actually really embarrassed about these pictures, but decided to share them anyways. Sorry if you have a weak stomach.

I just wanted to tell everyone how much WE LOVE GLEE!!!! I have been told about it, but have never had a chance to sit and watch an episode. Since the season is now over, we decided to get it and watch them all. I must admit, I was worried Brandon wouldn't like it. I mean, I love High School Musical and he HATES it. He says High School Musical is too cheesy and young. But he absolutely loves Glee! So we watched all 13 episodes in 2 days. We stayed up until 2:30 AM those nights, but it was worth it. We then got the soundtrack and I have been listening to it non-stop. I can't wait until the next season comes out!!

These are my favorite lines from the season:
*Finn: "I gotta go. They'll think I'm pooping."
*Sue: "All I want is just one day a year where I am not visually assaulted by uglies and fatties."
*Sue: "I for one think intimacy has no place in a marriage. Walked in on my parents once and it was like two walruses wrestling."
*Kurt: " I say we lock Rachel up until after sectionals. I volunteer my basement."
*Finn: "I'm gonna say this as nice as I can. But you look like a sad clown hooker."
*Brittany: "She's the one they made me talk to when she found out I was keeping that bird in my locker."
*Brittany: "It's like cool epilepsy."
*Emma: "We pushed it (the wedding) back a few hours. Now it doesn't have to happen in broad daylight."
*Will: "Sometimes being special sucks."
*Sue: "You'll be adding revenge to the long list of things you're not good at, right next to being married, running a high school glee club and finding a hairstyle that doesn't make you look like a lesbian."
*Emma: "The kids are completely freaking out. Artie keeps ramming himself into the wall and I'm pretty sure Jacob just wet himself."
*Sue: "Get ready for the ride of your life Will Schuester. You're about to board the Sue Sylvester Express. Destination horror!"