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I have never been a tv watcher. I have always just been too busy and too cool for tv. Kidding. But really. I have always had a demanding schedule that I wasn't able to watch a tv show the same night every week. (Hence the reason why I watched the entire season of Glee in 2 days). Well Brandon loves the show Lost. I have never seen an episode. In fact, I have never heard ANYTHING about it. I always figured the show was like Survivor... stuck slash stranded on a deserted island. So Brandon and I decided to start watching the seasons together. We downloaded all seasons and we began.

In summary... my life has changed.

I dream about Lost.
I nightmare about Lost.
I daydream slash daymare about Lost.
I compare people to Lost people.
I am more jumpy than usual.
I wake up in the middle of the night, thinking about Lost.
etc., etc., etc.,


Lost has taken over my life. Everyday at work, I wait for the hour when I get to go home and watch my 3+ episodes for the night.
These are some of my thoughts so far.
-Why can't Jack say anything to anyone without sounding like a jerk?
-Why does Lock lie to EVERYONE? And why is he so freaking creepy?
-Why is Sawyer such a meany-head to everyone?
-Is it just me, or do half the words the Koreans say sound like they are speaking English?
-Kate is my old roommate Shara's identical twin. I call her Shara throughout the show as if she is in my living room with me.
-I hated Shannon. I am relieved she is dead.
-Boon's eyebrows were way too nice. Seriously, he was a guy!
-Why doesn't anyone live in the caves anymore?! Was it a fad?
-It secretly bothers me that everyone knows everyone and all their stories tie in to each other. I know this is a huge part of the story, but it bothers me.
-I think it is dumb there are people on the island I have never been introduced to yet. Why?!
-Why would the Others dress up and wear fake beards?
-Charlie is way too heated.
-Everyone is too secretive on the island. Tell the truth people!
-The episodes COULD be shorter and move faster. That way I wouldn't be so bored in the middle of the episodes, and wouldn't waste so much of my time.
Why is it so addictive?! And how do I make it stop?! I am only on episode 21 of 24 of season 2 out of 5 seasons. I have a long way to go.

I guess the way I make it stop is to watch all seasons before the 6th one comes out in a few weeks? Yep. I like that plan.

Too bad I don't have any friends or else they would miss me.

(Oh and P.S... Brandon dropped out at about the 4th episode. He has work and homework to do. So I watch it alone)


Stephanie said...

haha I totally understand the crazy addiction to Lost...

I can't wait till your all caught up and we can talk about even more! Hopefully the last season is a good one :)

And don't worry all your questions you asked will be answered! Well except maybe "Why can't Jack say anything to anyone without sounding like a jerk?" haha

Melissa + Brett said...

You flipping kill me!! I used to be so into that show and it was seriously all consuming! Well, I say we "used to be so into that show" because basically I'm just the biggest chicken ever and I had to stop watching because I was so scared. No joke. I made Brett stop watching too because even when I heard the music in the background it gave me the chills.

The Gunters said...

ummm we just became new best friends because i am OBSESSED with lost. the one and only thing on my mind these days is that lost season six (the final season i might add) starts tuesday. i feel like i know all of them on a deep personal level and have watched every season at least twice. i feel as though i may have said too much here.... lets talk lost at work asap. there is soo much to say.

Morgan said...

Honey, you've only just begun. I had never watched them either and then the 1st week of November, Stuart decided to "hook" me. I watched Seasons 1-5 with him in a matter of 9 weeks. INTENSE. And all those things you are thinking... you will STILL be thinking. I hated Shannon and wished she was dead from Day 1.

Cannot wait for Feb 2nd. Oh wait, that's in 2 days!!!!!!!!!!! AAH!

jeffeynon said...

hahaha hilarious! Natalie and I are absolutely obsessed right now. We are stuck on season three! Out of control