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Brandon and I have decided to make our blog private. So please send me your email addresses so you can continue to view it! We appreciate everyone sharing their comments and viewing our blog. It seriously is the highlight of my day when someone comments... it makes it all worth it!

We love you all.
So first.. Brandon opened the fridge on Friday and a bottle of Martinelli's went flying from the top of the fridge! A big piece of glass mysteriously flew in to my foot and gave me a 1/2 inch deep cut on the bottom of my big toe. It was gushing blood but yet we couldn't stop laughing about the whole thing! How the heck does something like that happen? The picture doesn't even give justice to the mess.. I had to mop the floor 4 times it was so sticky!

Next.. we have mold in our apartment. We are in the process of getting rid of it, but this is what our apartment has looked like all week.

Next. It was Friday at 8 pm.
Brandon says: "I wanna go camping"
Steph says: "By the time we drive somewhere, it will be too dark"
Brandon responds: "I know the perfect spot".
And this is where he decided to put our tent. Right outside our front door! hahaha. We had so much fun tho.

And last... we went to the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake on Saturday. Nothing like the Denver Zoo, but still tons of fun!

I love the drinking fountains! They probably entertain me more than they do kids!

Giraffe's are my favorite animal! I could have watched them all day. Oh and isn't Brandon a talented photographer?!
I learned that Giraffe's tongues can grow up to 18 inches! And they are blue to keep them from getting sunburned. Neat!
She was so cute!
I also love elephants. I want to ride one someday. This one is pregnant! I learned that elephants are pregnant for 22-24 months. Wow.
This is a camel.. but it looks like a buffalo the way it is shedding its fur!
In the jungle.

Best warning sign ever.
So Brandon decided not to take any pictures of his week in Idaho, and he tells me the reason is because he didn't have his wife "reminding him to take pictures all the time." Well I don't know how to take that, but I love pictures, and am thankful every time I take them so I can look back at them, so I take it in a good way.

I however did take pictures in Florida. I was alone a lot so I didn't take as many pictures as I usually would (because I take a lot), but thought you all would enjoy these.

(Side note: The happiest place on earth IS NOT so happy when you are alone....)

This is me. I had to be "friends" with Pluto because I couldn't get another shift. This was my first time being "friends" with Pluto in 2 years. I forgot how hot it is.

I saw Alyssa there!
This is us getting ready for the Toy Story ride.

I went to Florida with Kelsey (far left) and we stayed with her sister Elizabeth (far right). Here we are having a special meet and greet with our good friend Peter Pan.

Philhar Magic.

The Fairy Room!

My favorite Jungle Cruise Skipper John. I got to ride his boat twice in a row. He is hilarious!

Why is Peter looking directly at the camera?!

I visited Kelsey and her good friend Buzz.

Wendy Darling.
You can't see, but there is a hot air balloon in the background. It goes up 400 feet, then comes back down. And it is $16 bucks. Exciiiiiting.

We went to the Hoop De Doo Dinner and Show!

The new Stitch show was interesting for sure. But the 2 guys on the outside are robots and they breakdance and do hip hop! They are so good!France phone booth in Epcot.

This had nothing to do with Florida, but I am in a cake decorating class and this was my first cake I did! The teacher didn't give us enough time so I actually didn't get to finish it, but I still wanted to put it on here so I could document my progress. The pink flower is actually made up of a bunch of tiny stars! And I seriously squirted out the stem and leaves in 3 seconds so don't judge!

Brandon and I are on a co-ed softball league with a bunch of my co-workers! This is me with 2 girls I work with at the batting cages during our lunch break getting ready! Our first game was Wednesday and we won!

Brandon left Tuesday morning to go spend the week in Idaho with his family. Call me pathetic, but I miss him a lot.

I am leaving tomorrow morning (Thursday) to go to Disney World. It is time to take my annual trip to Florida to work a single shift. This is where I am working this weekend.


It finally happened. It felt like it never would. But now I am so happy. I don't have to come home at night and do homework anymore. I actually have time to start working out again and to start cooking actual meals for my husband! I can't wait for summer to begin.

So I discovered this past week that with a degree comes a raise and full-time status! I am very excited because I will make my New Years Resolution to make more than $9,000 a year. haha. BY FAR!! It is true. And Brandon is also working full-time this summer. So life is good.

Below are a ton of pictures from graduation. I couldn't decide which ones to put up, so I put them all up! So prepare yourselves.
It was so good to have my family here as well as my friend April and her Mom Sue. April taught English and Yoga in Asia so I haven't seen her in 9 months, so her and her Mom decided to make a road trip to Utah. It was such a blessing to have quality time with the two of them. I also haven't seen my Dad since Christmas and he is making so much progress. He walked all over with us with his cane. What a trooper.

Getting my "Diploma Cover"
Play I-SPY Stephanie.Dallin H. Oaks spoke at convocation
My name is in the program! It is official.
YAY!The family
My awesome husbandProud parentsMy cute Daddy.My adorable Mom.
My older sister Lindsey. She went to BYU for one semester then transferred to CU (but met her husband Mike at BYU!). I was kind of the opposite. I went to CSU for 2 1/2 years then transferred to BYU. My parents are WAY happy that one of us graduated from BYU.Little sister BrittneyGma and Gpa MossSue and April got me awesome glasses!
My teacher Jeff Sheets.Rachel and Paul.. fellow Communications Graduates!Stephanie and Dave were there! The Cougar
My friend Morgan and I at the cougar
We had a family graduation party.

Cinderella was at the door to greet everyone
Some of the cousins.. and cousins' kids
The kids love Brandon
The Marcum FamilyMy Mom
I got to take the family and friends to all our favorite places here in Utah.
We went to Sub Zero...

We went to Bombay House and had the best Indian Curry ever...We went to Happy Sumo. This was Sue's first time eating sushi! Spoon Me..And finally we went to Iceberg!
We also went to Temple Square...
And we hiked the Y...
And we went to the Nicklecade!
My Dad was super exhausted.
Brit and I were concentrating so hard on dance dance! And my Mom was practicing in the background.Thanks family and friends for the most perfect weekend.