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So Brandon decided not to take any pictures of his week in Idaho, and he tells me the reason is because he didn't have his wife "reminding him to take pictures all the time." Well I don't know how to take that, but I love pictures, and am thankful every time I take them so I can look back at them, so I take it in a good way.

I however did take pictures in Florida. I was alone a lot so I didn't take as many pictures as I usually would (because I take a lot), but thought you all would enjoy these.

(Side note: The happiest place on earth IS NOT so happy when you are alone....)

This is me. I had to be "friends" with Pluto because I couldn't get another shift. This was my first time being "friends" with Pluto in 2 years. I forgot how hot it is.

I saw Alyssa there!
This is us getting ready for the Toy Story ride.

I went to Florida with Kelsey (far left) and we stayed with her sister Elizabeth (far right). Here we are having a special meet and greet with our good friend Peter Pan.

Philhar Magic.

The Fairy Room!

My favorite Jungle Cruise Skipper John. I got to ride his boat twice in a row. He is hilarious!

Why is Peter looking directly at the camera?!

I visited Kelsey and her good friend Buzz.

Wendy Darling.
You can't see, but there is a hot air balloon in the background. It goes up 400 feet, then comes back down. And it is $16 bucks. Exciiiiiting.

We went to the Hoop De Doo Dinner and Show!

The new Stitch show was interesting for sure. But the 2 guys on the outside are robots and they breakdance and do hip hop! They are so good!France phone booth in Epcot.

This had nothing to do with Florida, but I am in a cake decorating class and this was my first cake I did! The teacher didn't give us enough time so I actually didn't get to finish it, but I still wanted to put it on here so I could document my progress. The pink flower is actually made up of a bunch of tiny stars! And I seriously squirted out the stem and leaves in 3 seconds so don't judge!

Brandon and I are on a co-ed softball league with a bunch of my co-workers! This is me with 2 girls I work with at the batting cages during our lunch break getting ready! Our first game was Wednesday and we won!


Stephanie said...

First, loved all your Florida pics - you look beautiful and I'm glad you got a shift and things worked out.

Second - cake decorating class?! COOL! i can't wait to see more of your creations.

Third - I miss miss miss you.

Whittney and Ryan said...

looks like you had fun in Florida! Also how is your cake decorating class? I want to see more pictures! I am taking that class next semester and I am so very excited!! Also I am really jealous you two are on a co-ed softball team that sound so fun! and Lastly cant wait to see you in almost a month!

The Davenports said...

Your trip in FLorida looks like so much fun, I know what you mean though about it not being as great without the husband! Your cake is so cute, you will definately have to post all your creations. And we need to hang out!!! Hope to see you tomorrow at church!