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Brandon left Tuesday morning to go spend the week in Idaho with his family. Call me pathetic, but I miss him a lot.

I am leaving tomorrow morning (Thursday) to go to Disney World. It is time to take my annual trip to Florida to work a single shift. This is where I am working this weekend.


Amanda said...

you're not pathetic. i miss branden when he's at work every day. and i left a young women's sleepover at 1 am a month ago because i couldn't sleep. i went home and got to climb in with branden.

yes. i am that pathetic. but it just means we have a good marriage right?.... right. :)

i didn't realize you were still doing things for disney?

Stephanie said...

I'm so glad you got a shift and things went well. would have loved to see you this weekend, but I think David loved seeing Brandon :) can't wait for the end of June... want to know what suit you decided on? I'm still debating. Come home and get on gchat so we can "shop" together! I miss you too.

Paul & Rachel said...

oh hey girl! you're not on fb anymore! how are you? i know. we packed up and left so quickly! ps i love the song playing on your blog! (john mayer) his newer stuff is amazing. ya i went to park meadows late morning and it wasn't crowded at all! and i will be doing a little bit of everything, front desk, editing room, helping the photog. i'm waiting to hear about another job next week so we'll see. paul's here just finishing lacrosse and will be interviewing and hopefully getting a job soon!