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Did Someone Say Adventure?!

So first.. Brandon opened the fridge on Friday and a bottle of Martinelli's went flying from the top of the fridge! A big piece of glass mysteriously flew in to my foot and gave me a 1/2 inch deep cut on the bottom of my big toe. It was gushing blood but yet we couldn't stop laughing about the whole thing! How the heck does something like that happen? The picture doesn't even give justice to the mess.. I had to mop the floor 4 times it was so sticky!

Next.. we have mold in our apartment. We are in the process of getting rid of it, but this is what our apartment has looked like all week.

Next. It was Friday at 8 pm.
Brandon says: "I wanna go camping"
Steph says: "By the time we drive somewhere, it will be too dark"
Brandon responds: "I know the perfect spot".
And this is where he decided to put our tent. Right outside our front door! hahaha. We had so much fun tho.

And last... we went to the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake on Saturday. Nothing like the Denver Zoo, but still tons of fun!

I love the drinking fountains! They probably entertain me more than they do kids!

Giraffe's are my favorite animal! I could have watched them all day. Oh and isn't Brandon a talented photographer?!
I learned that Giraffe's tongues can grow up to 18 inches! And they are blue to keep them from getting sunburned. Neat!
She was so cute!
I also love elephants. I want to ride one someday. This one is pregnant! I learned that elephants are pregnant for 22-24 months. Wow.
This is a camel.. but it looks like a buffalo the way it is shedding its fur!
In the jungle.

Best warning sign ever.


Stephanie said...

Fun! the zoo pics were cute, and I loved that you went camping on the lawn. I used to do that with my dad when I was little, always such a fun adventure.

Jordan. said...

Story about Giraffes.
Well we were at that same zoo watching the giraffes not too long ago. As we were watching, One went to go smell the others butt (cause that's what animals do, I guess.) And it started peein all up in his mouth. The worst part? He drank it.

Erica said...

I love looking at your pictures. You are an awesome record-keeper! Someday they'll call you to that - you watch! Church historian...I can see it now. Great pics, Steph. And Jordy, that's gross about the giraffes. Ick!

Allyx and Dan said...

After almost throwing up because of Jordans story I can now comment... CUTE PICS. I love that zoo! I have pics of us with that same drinking fountain. I thought it was hilarious to pretend the lion was eating my head. I'm probably worse than little kids. Anyway, I love that you went camping on the lawn- so sweet. Just getting ready for Bear Lake baby! I can't wait to see you!

Hows your toe now? That story hurts my insides.