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I have looked back through the pictures on my computer since the last update and there are so many! So I will try to include everything here. I have tried to organize from the beginning of the summer to right now. Be patient as there are a lot. But I think they are pretty cool. So... it is worth it.

We planted flowers. My first time.

Brandon finished school at the end of April. 4 days later we flew to Mexico to spend 9 days with my family at an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta.

We moved in to ANOTHER apartment. Our old one was bad. Really bad mold 6 inches from where we put our heads to sleep. It was making us both sick. We had to threaten with an attorney to get out of the contract, but it was well worth it! We now live in a basement apartment in Pleasant Grove. Still middle ground for our opposite locations. We live a block away from Brandon's brother Chris and his wife Julia (who are moving away from us). No pictures of the apartment yet. Too messy. Too embarrassing.

Right after we moved, we went to Disneyland. Gotta use those benefits!

We played a bunch of mini golf. Brandon played some big people golf too.

We went to Lake Powell for a weekend with some friends.

We camped there. I highly UNrecommend it. It was awful.
We went to Idaho to hang out with Brandon's old roommates and their wives.

We went to MANY weddings. And bridal showers. We are officially broke after this summer of weddings.

We planned a ward "24th of July" breakfast as we are on the Activities Committee.

Tug of War

We had Brandon's extended family reunion in Idaho.

We had my extended family reunion in Bear Lake.


Bubble Blowing Contest

We did some country dancing for a talent and then all the cousins wanted to dance with Brandon. I loved it.

We won the water balloon toss contest. These are our sweet prizes.

Yep that is Brandon braiding hair.

After the reunion, my parents and Brittney came to town.

We celebrated my Dad's birthday.
My Dad got a free Iceberg shake on his birthday. Just what he wanted!
All of Brandon's presents from the family (I might be wearing a couple of presents)

Sniper and Gunner are good. Sniper is a pimp sometimes.

We went to the Salt Lake Rodeo with Brandon's parents. My first rodeo!

We went to a Salt Lake Bees game with our friends Jessica and Bryan. We got front row seats.

My work had a Biggest Loser contest. The winner got $2000 so I was VERY motivated. I didn't win, but I did "lose" a lot. So it was worth it.

My boss bought everyone pizza after the last weigh-ins. This was only half of the stampede for real food!

We went skydiving. No big deal.

Brandon surprised me for our anniversary. It was amazing. Best thrill of my life.

Signing our lives away...

I couldn't control my lips. Or my drool.
We went to Park City after skydiving to spend the rest of the weekend to celebrate our anniversary and Brandon's birthday.

Hot Tub and Sparkling Cider

Park Silly Farmer's Market

Brandon and his presents
Homemade Ice cream cake
He got a free Iceberg shake on his brithday!
We have made a lot of big purchases lately. Necessary, but still painful to the checkbook.

Brandon's 1996 Lumina died on his last day of school. All summer Brandon worked from home so we worked it out. But now with him in school again, we had to get a second car. We bought a Hyundai Sonata. We got a screaming good deal. SCREAMING!!! (Get it?)

We bought a new couch.
We bought a new mattress. Yay king size! We also bought new bedding, of course, to go with the new mattress. We are still working on the bed frame and headboard.
We bought a new TV. We got it from a friend for such a good deal!

We went to the John Mayer concert with Chris and Julia!

We met up with Brandon's cousin Jeff and his wife Natalie.
We went to Park City again because we got two free nights at a really nice hotel.

We got a Groupon for a sushi restaurant up there. It was probably the best I have ever had.

Our total was $5.67. Thank you Groupon.Luxury Robes :)

We went to the Olympic Park and took a tour.

I had a reunion with friends that I worked at Disney World with.

I have been into sewing lately. Thank you to Brandon for teaching me how to use my sewing machine, You Tube videos for teaching me how to make flowers, and my friend Allyx for teaching me how to make other flowers, I have started these items!

I made curtain holders.

I made curtains for our kitchen.

I made headbands.
And hair clips.

I have made more than these. But I have given those away. But this is only the beginning. I plan on making more!

And that is finally it! Thanks for sticking through it.