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Blogging Failure

Ok I admit. I have been a bad blogger. It has been so long since I updated the blog. There are many reasons why. The top three reasons are:
1. I have a PC that is as slow as a SNAIL. It takes 30 minutes (without exaggeration) to start up and Brandon has worked from home all summer, so he is always on his computer. So I can't use his.
2. This summer has been so busy! I go to work, go to the gym, get home and eat, then go to bed. Not really anytime to sit down and download pictures and update the blog.
3. I will be honest, no one ever comments on our blog. It gets discouraging when I spend time on a blog post and no one comments.

So anyways, I will try this out again. I am going to make it a goal to update the blog more often and make it exciting for all of you! But make it worth it for me! If you read a post, let me know you did!

Here goes nothing...


Chris-baby + Jules-a-bug said...

I have become an avid blogger...and an avid blog reader. I got your back girl!

Bonnie said...

Steph, totally know how you feel. If you'll keep blogging, I promise to comment! I kinda gave up the blogging thing to because I didn't think anyone was reading them and if they were that maybe they just didn't care so I decided that when I do blog I'm doing it for posterity sake and hope to make a book out of our posts here soon. I love reading your blog so I hope you'll continue to post. Love you!

Rebecca aka brian's mom said...

Hey! I love to read your blog, and plus you put the most fun songs on your playlist and then update it! People all over the place are listening in!
love you! Mom

Mauri said...

I always check your blog to see if you've posted! So glad you're back...hopefully! I miss you!

Kaylinn said...

I totally get the commenting need. I feel the SAME way. But I do love reading up on your life. Glad to see you're gonig to give it another go. I'll be sure to comment more frequently! :)