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Truth or Photoshop.

You know those infomercials on TV for a workout video that GUARANTEES you will lose half your body weight or some insane amount like that? And they have before and after photos of people who have used the video and lost the weight?  Is it just me or does the after photo seem a little far fetched? I always wonder if they get a picture of a completely different person, or if they just used photoshop to make them look skinnier. Well despite all that, I am a sucker for those infomercials. I even own some of the videos.  And with life as hectic as it is these days, I decided that these videos might be my only resource to a workout.  I try to go to the gym, but it doesn't seem to happen.  I tried running, but my body just doesn't run.  So the videos are the answer.  And I am here to be your REAL life example and let you know if these videos actually work or not!

So here is the collection of videos I am using.

1. 10 Minute Trainer
2. 30 Day Shred (Jillian Michaels)
3. Hip Hop Abs
4. So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit "Cardio Funk" workout video
5. Paula Abdul's Get Up and Dance workout video (classic.  Love this one)
6. Crunch, Tae Boxing
7. Core Cardio
8. Cardio Dance Jam
9. Just Dance 2 on the Wii (if you are wondering why this is on my list, then you haven't tried it! This is so hard. Try doing this for 30 minutes straight without a break!)

Brandon and I have been talking about losing weight ever since Jack was born.  During pregnancy, I gained a few too many pounds... and Brandon might have as well:)  So about a month and a half ago, we finally set a goal to lose some weight by Thanksgiving.  And if we both hit our goal, we get to go on a cruise next year. YAY VACATION!!

Our Goals:
Brandon: Lose 17 pounds
Steph: Lose 20 pounds

And two weeks ago, we finally started trying to lose weight. Go us.

So two weeks down and the results are:
Steph: Total loss of 7 pounds
Brandon: Total loss of 8 pounds

I'm gonna try to keep record of our weight loss, and any tips or helpful things we have learned along the way here on our blog.  So keep checking back to see how we are doing.


Jared and Stephanie said...

Good luck with that. Jared and I are doing the same thing. I have to lose 5lbs and he has to lose 15lbs. That is about fair for the difference it takes for girls verses boys. I went to my first Zumba class with a friend last night. I sweat hard for an hour but it was actually pretty fun.

Julia said...

I am such a sucker for workout infomercials. I gotta get back on the 10 min trainer bandwagon. I really love it and it is something that I can easily fit into my schedule--yet, with any spare minute I have, I seem to snack instead. Hahaha. Thanks for the motivation. You guys are rockstars!

Rachel said...

you guys are great examples... i need to follow! i didn't have a baby and i've put on way too many lbs. ouch! pray for me :)