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Pure Giveaway

If you don't love music you live in the wrong century. Great tunes can keep you going when you've hit a wall and I'm sure you have your favorite mix. This is our first giveaway and it's a good one. It's a pair of PUR-800 titanium driver earbuds.

PURE Sound has offered to give away these high-end earbuds to one of our readers. They're an $80 value and sound amazing! Just post a comment by Saturday at 11:59 PM and let us know the 5 songs in your "guilty pleasures" playlist. You know, those 5 songs you never want anyone to know you listen to on a regular basis. Don't worry, we won't tell. Just one winner for these babies so choose your songs wisely.

Details: Pure Giveaway ends Saturday, September 17 at 11:59 PM. One winner will be picked and announced on Monday September 19. Giveaway ships anywhere in the United States. One entry per person. Winner will be picked randomly using


Mitch said...

In no particular order...
"Invisible Man" -Queen
"To Find the Friend" -Tom Petty
"Nude" -Radiohead
"Life on Mars" -David Bowie
"Let My Love Open the Door" -Pete Townshend

Julia said...

My secrets are out....

"Sweet Caroline"-Neil Diamond
"Konstantine"-Something Corporate
Hanson's entire Christmas album, "Snowed In"
"Dirty Pop"-NSync

Chris said...

Peaches & Cream, by 112 (so bad, but I can't shake it)
Dirty Pop, N'Sync
Endless Love, Lionel Richie
The Boxer, Simon & Garfunkel
Frank Sinatra, Cake

Steph said...

So far so good! The song choices are great! I know some of them are jokes, but some of those jokes are real guilty pleasures for me! Keep them coming.

One of mine: Hello by Rachel and Jesse on Glee (not a fan of the show, but am still a fan of the music!)

Kelsi Fullmer said...

"I like big butts" I know every word...
"Stand Out" -the goofy movie
"Hip Hop Hooray"- naughty by nature
"The world's greatest"- R. Kelly...why do you think I named my baby Reid Kelly??

Flavio said...

This is public though...oh, well...all in the hopes of awesome headphones.

Twilight Movie Soundtrack
Chris Cornell - Long Gone
Darude - Sandstorm
Sarah McLachlan - Sweet Surrender
Philip Glass - Company

Unknown said...

I saw the sign - ace of base
cowboys from hell - pantera
salt shaker - lil jon & eastside boys
down - 311
genie in a bottle - christina aguilera


Kyle Packer said...

A Year Without Rain - Selena Gomez
Who Says - Selena Gomez
For the First Time - The Script
Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5
Pary Rock Anthem - LMFAO

Whitney said...

Hmm, 5 guilty pleasure songs of mine:

Bye, Bye, Bye - Nsync
Baby - Justin Beiber
Nsync's Xmas ALbum (its my fav)
Good Night - Black Eyed Peas
New York - Performed by Glee

Becka said...

All I Have to Give - Backstreet Boys
Just Around the Riverbend - Pocahontas
I Wanna Go - Britney Spears
Cherry Cola - Savage Garden
Dance With Me - Drew Seeley and the Cheetah Girls