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Jack Laughing

We are very biased parents.

We think our baby boy is the cutest person to ever be born.  But after watching this video, I think a few of you might think the same thing!  He melts our hearts.  Sometimes I get nothing done because I enjoy holding him and watching him laugh all day.  We are so blessed to be parents to this well-tempered, happy, sweet child. 

This video is just over 2 minutes long, but he laughs the whole time! Well worth it.


Sourire said...

I LOVE THIS. Haha... oh my goodness, babies are the best.

Heather said...

oh my gosh steph he is the cutest thing ever. He's such a happy baby and the cutest laugh! what a fun time of life to enjoy this beautiful precious little man. love you guys

Julia said...

Adorbs. LOVE him. Gonna watch it again now. :)

Jared and Stephanie said...

So cute. I just want to kiss him. Give him a big kiss for me.