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Jack's First Hair Cut

Jack has grown pretty quickly over the past 3 months. And so has his hair.  It has always been an attention getter and the topic of all conversations when he is around. In fact, I sometimes count how many people stop to talk to me about his hair when we go out and I tell Brandon when he gets home... it is fun! 

But his hair started to get a little out of control. Brandon tried to convince me for about 3 weeks that we should cut it. Well last night our kitchen was turned in to a barber shop as I cut Brandon's hair and Jack's hair.  I normally cut Brandon's, so that was no problem. Jack on the other hand wanted nothing to do with getting his hair cut. He was screaming the entire time. I am ashamed to say I did a horrible job, but when it is styled like we usually do his hair, you can barely tell the mistakes I made.  

Anyways, here is a before and after comparison of his wild and crazy locks. 

This kid is going to break hearts when he is older!


Mars said...

oh his hair!! LOVE IT!! I can't believe his hair got that long for only being 3 months old!!