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We took pictures with my family while we were in Colorado. All I have to say is, I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!
So Christmas is my favorite time of the year. These are just some reasons why:

1. Christmas Decorations.
(And yes we have a really pretty wood-paneled wall, that makes our apartment look slightly ghetto.)

We have nowhere to put our stockings. So the wall it is.
Yes I might have gotten a mini tree for my desk at work. And I might have made mini presents for it:)

2. Christmas Music.
I have a hard time waiting until after Thanksgiving. There needs to be more time in between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

These are some of my favorites this season.

3. We finally have an apartment where we can kind of put lights up.
(The snow is not one of my favorite things, FYI. Not until Christmas morning.)

4. Delicious Treats.

Ice cream cake. That we demolished.

Anything flavored Eggnog.

Puppy Chow

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hot Chocolate. I love candy cane and mint truffle the best.

5. The scent of Pumpkin Spice.

6. Buying presents for those you love.

I am having a hard time keeping what I got for Brandon a secret. I can't wait to see his reaction(s) on Christmas morning.
7. I get to wear my furry boot slippers. Every. Single. Day.
What are some of your favorite things?!

...people in Price, Utah look at you like you are way ghetto.

(This deserved its own post, separate from the Thanksgiving post.)

Once again, Brandon and I had a little issue while driving to Colorado. We were 45 minutes West of Price and all of a sudden, the driver side window shattered. No glass was left in the window afterward. We have no idea what caused it to shatter, but I will tell you it was scary! I was driving, again. So I am officially done driving when we drive to Colorado. I feel like all the bad things happen to us when I am driving and when we are near Price.

Brandon cleaned me off and cleaned out the car. It was FREEZING. We drove for 45 minutes to Price with the window down in the shady, winding mountains.

No one in Price could fix our window within a week, so we decided to make our own window. We went to K-Mart and bought some tape. We then drove around and found some cardboard behind K-Mart. I spent the time picking the glass out of my hands from the explosion while Brandon created this.

With some plastic from a bag that was covering a new purse for my Mom, we created a window in our window.

The ride was longer than expected, we had to blow out our ear drums in order to hear the music since the plastic made so much noise, and we had to blast the heat. But at least it made us laugh.

Long story short, it would have been a LOT cheaper to fly.
The end.
Thanksgiving this year was awesome. We drove to Colorado to celebrate it with my family again this year. The best part about the holiday was that my Dad was able to join us. Last year at this time he was in the hospital because he had a stroke, so it was nice to have the whole family there.

So Thanksgiving was more like TONS-GAINING!! Haha. We couldn't seem to understand that you should stop eating when you are extremely full. We kept going and going!

We usually serve at the Salvation Army on Thanksgiving, but since we were all there for the big day, we decided to go to the Salvation Army the night before.
My friend April got to join us. She is a vegetarian so she was having a hard time with the clean up!!

On Thanksgiving Day it is a tradition to go see a movie. We saw the Blind Side. All I can say is wow. I thought this movie was amazing. I definitely recommend it. We were all so full after dinner, but Brandon wasn't of course. He downed an extra large popcorn all by himself.
We went to Cinzzetti's while we were in town. It is all you can eat Italian food and it is amazing!

Brandon and I got to go to the temple with my parents. This was super fun. It was our first time to the Denver temple and first time to a session with both of my parents.

We also did all our Christmas shopping for my family while we were there. This will be my first year away from home for the Holidays. Tear. But at least I have amazing in-laws that I can't wait to spend my first Christmas with!