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Thanksgiving this year was awesome. We drove to Colorado to celebrate it with my family again this year. The best part about the holiday was that my Dad was able to join us. Last year at this time he was in the hospital because he had a stroke, so it was nice to have the whole family there.

So Thanksgiving was more like TONS-GAINING!! Haha. We couldn't seem to understand that you should stop eating when you are extremely full. We kept going and going!

We usually serve at the Salvation Army on Thanksgiving, but since we were all there for the big day, we decided to go to the Salvation Army the night before.
My friend April got to join us. She is a vegetarian so she was having a hard time with the clean up!!

On Thanksgiving Day it is a tradition to go see a movie. We saw the Blind Side. All I can say is wow. I thought this movie was amazing. I definitely recommend it. We were all so full after dinner, but Brandon wasn't of course. He downed an extra large popcorn all by himself.
We went to Cinzzetti's while we were in town. It is all you can eat Italian food and it is amazing!

Brandon and I got to go to the temple with my parents. This was super fun. It was our first time to the Denver temple and first time to a session with both of my parents.

We also did all our Christmas shopping for my family while we were there. This will be my first year away from home for the Holidays. Tear. But at least I have amazing in-laws that I can't wait to spend my first Christmas with!


Paul & Rachel said...

looks like so much fun! bummed we never see you when you're in denver!!!