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You Know You're Ghetto When...

...people in Price, Utah look at you like you are way ghetto.

(This deserved its own post, separate from the Thanksgiving post.)

Once again, Brandon and I had a little issue while driving to Colorado. We were 45 minutes West of Price and all of a sudden, the driver side window shattered. No glass was left in the window afterward. We have no idea what caused it to shatter, but I will tell you it was scary! I was driving, again. So I am officially done driving when we drive to Colorado. I feel like all the bad things happen to us when I am driving and when we are near Price.

Brandon cleaned me off and cleaned out the car. It was FREEZING. We drove for 45 minutes to Price with the window down in the shady, winding mountains.

No one in Price could fix our window within a week, so we decided to make our own window. We went to K-Mart and bought some tape. We then drove around and found some cardboard behind K-Mart. I spent the time picking the glass out of my hands from the explosion while Brandon created this.

With some plastic from a bag that was covering a new purse for my Mom, we created a window in our window.

The ride was longer than expected, we had to blow out our ear drums in order to hear the music since the plastic made so much noise, and we had to blast the heat. But at least it made us laugh.

Long story short, it would have been a LOT cheaper to fly.
The end.


Rob & Danee said...

Steph that is one neat window! That totally sucks but I think you were super creative! Hope it was AWESOME being home. I miss you!

Whittney and Ryan said...

hahaha i love it! love the card board solution the blasting or the music and the heater. Stuff like this is usually not funny tell its over, but its over so i am. Glad you had a good thanksgiving minus the window incident that is a bummer.

Oh and i agree Blind Side was awesome! we went on Thanksgiving too :)

Melissa + Brett said...

I am ROLLING laughing! THAT IS GHETTO! That's scary too. Atleast you weren't hurt to badly! Something to always remember...that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

nice one, i just added up many another emo backgrounds on my blog