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Well, it's happened. Our first home heartbreak. We got the email this morning informing us that the bank decided to go with another offer. The house we fell in love with just days ago slipped through our apparently monetarily weak little fingers. It's almost like our future pushed us off our tricycles and then laughed in our faces while a single tear dropped from our dejected little cheeks. Now that you feel utterly and hopelessly sorry for us I will say we will not falter! We've picked ourselves up off that unyielding slab of concrete, wiped the blood from our swollen knees and we're going to punch our future right in the belly! TAKE THAT, FUTURE!

(A photo of the house that broke our hearts.)

Our hopes are building again and we've wasted no time in our search. Another list of homes to see and a skip in our step that just hours ago was more like a body being pulled across loose gravel. We're even considering past homes we've seen which I'm sure all you "seasoned" home owners/seekers can relate to.

It's not easy being all grown up but it has its perks. Like buying the toys you could never have as a child. Or eating candy until it actually does spoil your appetite. Or even when your doctor tells you that you could lose a little weight. Yep. I'm an adult now. I knew it would come but my mind that says, "oh yeah, you look exactly like you did when you were 18," just doesn't want to deal with such adult issues. I'm getting up the courage to promise all of the digital world that I will run every day until this extra "plump" is gone. However, I don't really want all four of you reading this to be on my back about it. That's more stress than my clogged arteries can handle right now. Until then, I'll see what I can do to bring the 18, or at least the 25, out of me again.


Julia said...

We still love that house a block or so away from us! For multiple you guys being a block away from us and the big master bedroom and all of those windows. So glad to hear that you are not wasting time on the hunt. We had a few homes break our heart and it is NO FUN. But it brought a long our current home which we love the most.

p.s. Our dinner included crackers, cheese, and candy tonight. Bleh!