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Christmas Card + Other Photos

Here is our Christmas Card for 2010. Plus some other shots that didn't make the card.

Merry Christmas!
Without the banner.Happy for baby. I might have stuffed out a little:). And Gunner wanted to be in the picture.

Serious shot.
Flip. Brandon looks like a giant.
Kissy Kissy.
Now the cats. They crack me up. They HATED taking pictures. So we held tuna in our hands and they started to lighten up. You can tell where the tuna is in each picture!!
Sniper became a little more relaxed.I know this one is blurry but it cracks me up. He really wanted the tuna.
Finally a good shot.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Kelsi Fullmer said...

Love the pics Steph! HIlarious!

Chris+Jules said...

SUCH a good idea to put the outtakes....especially when most of them are hilarious! I really like the one that you are looking a your stomach so surprised. IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!

Leslie said...

You two crack me up. I always look forward to your Christmas cards. Pure gems. Can't wait to see you and your cute baby bump in a few days!!!

Paul & Rachel said...

you guys are hilarious! why didn't you send this out?