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November Update

I am late posting, I know. I have been without a computer for several months now. And with Brandon being so busy with school, I don't really get a chance to sit on the computer as he is always needing it. So posting on the blog has been delayed for sure. So here I will play catch up!

I will start with November. I turned 25 in November.

I got yummy cupcakes at work.

I got to open presents at night.
It is a tradition in my family to take a picture with all your gifts.
Brandon finally finished my statue of Christ! Now we just have to burn it or fry it or whatever. Still figuring that out.
Brandon got me roses!We spent Thanksgiving in Idaho with Brandon's family this year. It was just what we needed. A relaxing weekend. No crazy plans and stressful schedule to accommodate to. Nowhere to be. Nothing to do. I loved it. Plus this was the first weekend I got to see Brandon longer than 2 hours in about 3 months. So I LOVED IT!

We first went to my Grandpa's 80th birthday dinner in Idaho Falls.
My Mom and aunt Angie.
We told everyone what we having! We made a little card that says, "we found out our baby has 3 knees... a left knee.. a right knee... and a WEE KNEE!!!!" This is my parents holding the card. Bad picture I know.

We played games on Thanksgiving. I love playing games!

And Brandon played with legos for hours.
We went mini-golfing.
We got home and went to a movie! First date night in a LONG time.
Brandon had school and was really busy. I hung out alone a lot. Got addicted to some tv shows. When Brandon finally finished school for the semester we got to finish our Christmas shopping. We decided to go to a pizza buffet for dinner. WOW IT WAS AMAZING! It was like heaven for my pregnant body!


Chris loves Julia said...

Yay! I love it when you update, even though I feel up to date with you, you have even more fun than I thought! I love that bust that Brandon did....lucky.

Love you guys! Let's get together soon and play some more Sequence :)