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Crazy Cat

Last night we had essential oils on our feet. Each oil has a different scent, and in my opinion they all smell really good!

And apparently Sniper LOVES essential oils. We have discovered this before, but last nights reaction was hilarious! We decided to record it for all of you to enjoy. I have never seen him react like this. Sniper is our black cat that kind of has a little attitude. He is very affectionate... but only when he wants to be. Which is usually when it is inconvenient for us! But this shows that he LOVED the oils!

We came home and took off our shoes at the front door. The cats instantly went to the spot where we stood in our socks after we took off our shoes. Hilarious!

(Oh and please don't mind all the mess in the background. We have some awesome family members who have given us baby items and they are sitting in our living room waiting for us to go through them and organize them).


Leslie said...

That is hilarious!!!! Your kitties have quite the personalities. Miss you girl!

Rebecca aka brian's mom said...

hahahaha. hey i love the tummy pictures! Keep taking them! I feel sad I don't get to see your tummy growing every day...
xoxoxo mom