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Nursery Bedding Dilemma

Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I have been stalking the internet for the perfect bedding for the crib. I have always wanted semi-neutral bedding, but it has to be the perfect bedding:) I have had a vision in my head of exactly what I want, and it is seeming more impossible everyday to find that perfect set. I dislike everything that has to do with cars, trucks, zoo animals, Disney characters (this is probably the only time you will ever hear dislike of Disney characters come out of my mouth... or from my fingers!), stars, polka dots, stripes, sports, and the ABC's. I like simple, classy and elegant, but modern. And within a reasonable price.

What we have imagined from the beginning is something incorporating gray, white and black with teal as an accent color. We have thought about gray and white damask, black and white damask, and even black, white, and gray damask.

We got a changing table and crib from my aunt and want to paint them. But we want to wait to paint them until we get the bedding. We will paint the crib and table either black or white depending on what the bedding looks like and which one looks best with the bedding. But we want to paint these soon so I am still able to. Who knows how my mobility will be in another month. So we need to decide on bedding asap so we can start painting!

Here I sit at 27 weeks, at 2:00 am, looking at the same websites I have been looking at for over 6 months now. I am exhausted and my eyes are totally blood shot. This then causes me to sleep in until 10 am, skip my morning workout class, and be lazy the rest of the day. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!!! I honestly dream about bedding in my sleep. I am sick of it. So help me figure out what to do.

Here are the options, and I am TOTALLY open for other options and opinions. So if there has ever been a post of mine that you need to comment on, this is it.

1. Buy the bedding I like and fork out the money. But between me being unemployed and Brandon working very few hours a week leaves us with very little money to be spending on "wants" for the baby. But if this will be a totally worth it purchase, than I need to know. Here are some images of the beddings I have created myself. Total cost: $327 (Trim on skirt costs $5 more).

A few differences on each picture. This one has the white bumper and skirt, but with damask trim on the skirt.

This one has damask bumper and skirt, with white trim.
This one also has damask bumpers and skirt, shorter skirt which is cheaper ($5) and no trim ($5 cheaper).
Or does it look better with a black crib?
And what if we added turquoise ties?

2. Buy a plain white bumper and a plain white bed skirt. These can be found for less than $50 total. Then I can either buy the gray damask sheet ($36) or a plain gray sheet, which I have yet to find. Oh and the gray damask blanket ($54). Totaling probably around $140-150. Is this too plain?

3. Buy a set that includes all the pieces needed for a decent price and deal with the fact that it has prints on it. Just don't concentrate on it.





$270. (Still expensive, and is it too much damask? Will I get sick of it?)
4. Buy this plain bedding set for $100. I would probably get the ivory because the others are just too much of a color for me. What color of sheet would I do?

5. Make the bedding. I went around to 3 fabric stores today and couldn't find exactly what I wanted. I started considering plain grays and whites, but the fact of me having to make it makes me not even want to approach this route. I am not a seamstress and do not have confidence to make my baby bedding. I feel like I would spend at least $100 on fabrics alone... so to me it doesn't seem worth it to make the bedding when I could spend $100 and have it made already. But is this better than buying $300 plus bedding?

UGH I don't know! I need help.


Julia said...

Steph! Can I help you?!?!?!?!? I know this feeling that you are experiencing, and I have to say--I TOTALLY regret my choices, so I would love to help you NOT regret yours. Our little deer bedding was only cute for ohhhh 6 months--tops. I love the deer paintings in her room, but ugh, I really like incorporating more color and I have found with the crib bedding being as neutral and plain as possible, you can not only save money--but make quick upgrades with wall art and other things as you wish, without feeling guilty. If I were you (again, this is just my opinion) I would get solid colored sheets (even white or ivory) and a solid bumper. Then we can find a cute fabric that you like and make a crib skirt like this: It would be easy (no sewing!) and it would add just the right amount of color and pattern to set the stage for the rest of the nursery. Then I would recommend decorating with wall art and mobiles to liven up your room. It's so much cheaper/easier....and classy. You can always frame some damask if you are set on that and incorporate it into the bed skirt. Again, this is just my opinion from my own experience.....and it's long. Sorry. Haha. (I really do love the blue pussy willow bedding if I had to choose)

Courtney said...

I totally agree! I think I spent way too much on Griffins bedding and honestly he hardly even used it because he was in the bassinet for a while. With Maelie I mixed and matched pink and brown stuff that I could find that were solid and then just accented it with cute quilts, blankets and wall decorations. It ended up costing half the price! I love your cute and you'll really be able to let it grow with him :)

Paul & Rachel said...

haha! i'm on baby crib overload! buy a set! they're so darling :) can't wait to see you at your shower!

Derek and Whitney said...

So you know I don't even have a baby nor am I pregnant..haha but that doesn't mean I haven't looked at baby nurseries and bedding. You may have already found this blog but has a bunch of cute nursery ideas. Just a thought! Good LUCK!

M said...

So since I have zero experience with purchasing a nursery all I'll say is don't stress about it lady! You are such an amazing decorator, you know it'll all work out absolutely perfect :)

Mel's Tea Party said...

PS I didn't realize I was signed into my junk mail account when I wrote that, its me- Mel!

Ashleigh said...

See no one warns you that decorating a nursery is AWESOME and yet stressful and nearly impossible to make a final decision on anything ;)

With Holdens room I bought a set (pottery barn Chase bedding) It's mostly white with some blue stripes. And I took that as my inspiration for the room, I bought everything blue and stripes... and even painted blue stripes on the walls. It's "ok" now but honestly I feel like it's too matchy matchy and I want to revamp it.

So what I decided with new baby is that I'm not buying a bedding "set" I was going to collect the pieces individually so it wasn't so generic baby-like. And after deciding on our color palette there are seriously no options, so I'm making the bedding.. but that's not for everyone and I get that.

My advice is go with the cheaper route and do the plain bumper and skirt with the BLACK crib for some contrast. Then you can find a really cool sheet and blanket to tie in your design. You could even get a strip of coordinating fabric and add it to the bottom of your crib skirt (which wouldn't be too complex in the sewing world).

But I feel your pain, even doing this the second time it's not any easier ;) good luck, and remember that in the end when you're up for a 2 am feeding the bedding you chose will be the last thing on your mind!

You can do it 2 said...

Hey Stephanie, for the record I just started my own baby bedding business wehre i make custom orders. I could do yours for just the cost of fabric. I'm sure by now you know what you're going to do. Let me know though I would be happy to help!
Sarah Driscoll

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