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Florida Life

It's summer so that means family! We've had visitors and life is crazy but we love having family visit and we love traveling to see family. Correction, we love seeing family at the end of traveling. We've been reminded recently of how amazing Jack was at traveling when he was a baby. Penny, not so much. She doesn't stop moving, as many of you are aware. Up and down, wiggling, jiggling, dancing, screaming. She's full of life and energy and planes aren't her thing. Sorry to other passengers. Not so sorry to the passive-aggressive lady sitting behind Steph.

Penny's getting mentally ready for sabotaging the plan ride.

Our summer started in April when Grandma and Grandpa Deekookoo (Jack's nickname for Steph's parents, ask her for details) came to visit for Jack's birthday and we stayed at the Nickelodeon hotel and went to Disney—of course.

Ninja Turtles never looked so good.
We love Disney.
Then, in May, Grandma and Grandpa Marcum joined us for some great fun. One of the highlights was our boating trip on Crystal River. We swam with manatees and saw some dolphins that were wrangling fish next to our boat near the shore. It was pretty incredible.

Jack on the lookout for manatees.

He loved driving the boat.

Pulling Grandma around the neighborhood.

Jack and Penny with Grandma and Grandpa Marcum

At the beginning of June Steph's aunt and uncle, Nettie and Alan Sargent, came and visited with the whole family. There was a bunch of beach-going and we had a blast. That's the second time the Sargents have visited us and we just love having them.

The whole gang at our neighborhood lake.

There was also some big news in the Ellsworth family. Steph's baby sister Brittney married her sweetheart Bret Cardall on June 24th. It was a great day and beautiful wedding. Such an amazing couple and we were so happy to be there with them on their special day.

Bret and Britt Cardall

Steph went to Denver early and wasn't able to be in Florida on Father's day but she didn't miss the opportunity to make me feel really special even if we weren't together. She and Jack Facetimed with me on Sunday morning and sent me on a scavenger hunt that they had set up before they left. I had no idea! Just one of the reasons I love my wife so much–she's extremely thoughtful and takes any opportunity she can to make others feel loved.

We were also able to spend Brynn's first birthday with the family. Brynn is Mike and Lindsey's (Steph's older sister) youngest. She's the sweetest little thing and we were so happy we could be there for her first.

Brynn loved her cake.
And yes, that's another Br name in the family. Brandon, Brian, Bryce, Brynn, Bret and Brittney.

Well, that's a quick update on what's happened lately with us. We can't wait to see even more family members in the fall. Bryant and Bonnie are bringing their kids to Disney and Chris and Julia are joining us for Thanksgiving along with Jordan. Can't wait to see you guys!


Heather said...

What a fun surprise! Nobody ever blogs anymore so thanks for the update Brandon!