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Sniper plays fetch

I am pretty sure our kitties are the coolest kitties ever. They are like dogs. They "bark" when we play with them or when we tease them with the ball, they roll around when they are hyper, they love to have their belly's rubbed, they wait for us at the door when we come home, they follow us everywhere and hate it when we leave them out, they cuddle with us and purr whenever we rub them, and the best of all....they play fetch. Well Sniper does. Gunner is still working on it.

Sniper just loves his ball. He always just places it next to one of us, then stares at us when he wants us to play with him. It makes me laugh so hard.

Here are 2 videos.

*The first video is a bunch of short clips combined of Sniper chasing the ball and bringing it back. He really brings it back! (And please excuse my baby talk!)

*The next video is a bunch of clips combined of Sniper's mad hops. He jumps so high for that ball! And if you listen carefully, you can hear him meowing because we are getting him all riled up.


Stephanie said...

haha what funny cats... I sure do miss you guys!