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That is right. The past two weeks I have been working over time. Not only do I go to school from 1 to 9 Mondays and Wednesdays, but I work full-time. It is exhausting. Three times in the past 2 weeks I have only slept for 45 minutes in a night. School has consumed my sleeping time. I can't wait to graduate in 3 1/2 weeks.

Anyways, besides the torturous schedule I have had lately, Brandon and I have still had some fun the past few weeks. Here is another random list of pictures of our past few weeks.

My old roommate Shara asked Brandon and I to be in her film for her class. It was not so fun acting in front of a bunch of people we didn't know. But we got the hang of it and had fun "on the set!"
Chad, Brandon, Stephanie and Lauren came to visit! Courtney Harrop Ford got married on Saturday the 21st, so they all came out for the special day! It was really fun to have friends from Colorado come to stay at our place in Utah. It doesn't happen very often.

It was a tight squeeze with 4 people in our second bedroom as you can see. But it worked!

We went to the nickle arcade and got tons of tickets.

We got girls and boys prizes. The boys prizes were switch combs. A switch blade, but a comb!

The girls got slap bracelets. Those things rock!

Courtney and Rock were so happy! And the day was so beautiful!

Look how handsome the boys are!

So my friend Morgan got married the same day as Courtney! So we were juggling weddings all day. It was exhausting! But so fun to see them all.

Morgan and Chris were glowing the whole day!

It was Meagan Flora's birthday on Thursday so we went to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory! Meagan had about 50 people at her dinner! I swear all of Utah was there singing to her! She deserves it though!

Brandon, me, and Shara!

Matt West, Heather, Natalie, and Kristen.

Natalie and I shared our favorite salad ever! The Chinese Chicken Salad.

Mike and Leslie came in town for the weekend! We got to have more visitors! And we got to eat at Zupas with them! I am going to start calling this a tradition, because every time they come down, we ALWAYS go eat there!

This is what Brandon gets for taking pictures like this. I post them.

Isn't Gunner adorable?


Stephanie said...

you guys have been so busy! i loved the photoshoot pics, looks like they were a lot of fun. and congratulations on Bessie!! looks like an amazing machine.

Jordan. said...

Wow...look at Brandon's shnoz.