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Meet Bessie

Brandon got a new computer. I seriously don't see him anymore. It is like Bessie is his new girlfriend.

Thank you tax returns.
Brandon works from home and has been working on a dinosaur-like computer. Something his new computer does in 8 minutes, took him 5 hours on his old computer. So it was time for a new one. He has been super sweet about asking for a new one. He has been trying to save money for it because he wastes so much time waiting for the computer to function. So we decided that the money we got back from taxes would go towards his computer. He got a really good deal and a brand new computer from a guy who has 2 other computers and never even used this one. So he got it the same night he found the posting on Craigslist.
I told Brandon that I am happy he likes his new computer, but he must promise me one thing... not to love Bessie more than me. He agreed without hesitation. The next day Brandon came to me and said, " I shouldn't have promised you that..." Clearly, Bessie is a new member of this family.


Michael & Leslie McCabe said...

It was so fun chillin with you and Brandon last weekend! I am already craving Zuppa's again. Offically obsessed. I dont care though. Oh and I am glad to see that you filled out the seven things list. I never knew Brian peed on your hamster! haha.