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Beginning of a New Life

We have had many adventures such as wrecking a car, an ear infection, stomach flu's, starting school and moving into our apartment. But overall it has been amazing because we have been through it all together.

We went on our honeymoon to Riviera Maya Mexico for a week. This was seriously the best vacation we could have ever asked for. Our room was right on the beach and had everything we needed within a 30 second walk. Everyone knew we were on our honeymoon and treated us like royalty! We wish we could still be there right now..

We moved into an apartment complex in Orem Utah and we are still trying to organize things. We both have been on our own for several years now, so we have accumulated a lot of stuff. And not crappy stuff, but really nice things. But we just don't have room for it all. Last Saturday, September 6th, we had our first yard sale! We officially don't have a yard, so we went down a couple of blocks to a corner with lots of grass and trees and set up. Before we even unpacked the boxes, we had a SWARM of people. Talk about overwhelming! People could have walked out with our stuff and we never would have known. But we ended up selling more than half of our stuff and donated the rest to DI. A successful day!

Brandon started school at Utah Valley University and is absolutely loving it! He is taking several art classes on top of graphic design classes. He sometimes stays after school to finish his work but doesn't even realize he is staying after. He comes home every night with a huge smile on his face. It is priceless. Brandon is still working at Rooster and White part-time as well as The Music School. He is a busy man!

Steph started another semester at BYU and is taking a full load. She is still working at Closet Technologies in between all her classes. She is a super senior this year and can really feel it. She is taking 3 senior level classes and 2 freshman classes. What a difference! She is the oldest person in those classes, but I guess that's what you get when you transfer schools two times. She is excited to finish and to graduate in April 2009.

We have been told its typical for newlywed couples, but we bot cut our hair! Steph and Brandon made an agreement that if Steph could cut her hair, then Brandon could buzz his head. Steph chopped off 17 inches and is selling it to a company that makes wigs out of human hair. She is still trying to adjust to it. Brandon had a really cool Mohawk for a week then buzzed it all off. He loves it.


Erica said...

Yeah! You updated your blog! I really was only joking - I know you are so, so busy. I just love looking at all the blogs. You'd think I didn't have anything else to do.

Stephanie said...

woohoo update on your life! i loved this =) so grateful and happy to have you both in my life

Bonnie said...

Stephanie you cut your hair! It looks great! Sounds like you had an amazing honeymoon and life is back to all the fun busy things we do. Can't wait to see you both again.

Brett and Mallory said...

I think you both look great with the new hairstyles! Sounds like Newly-Married life is treating you well. I'm bummed we missed the wedding, but it sounded like fun. BTW feel free to browse our blog: See you soon!