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Some blessings from up above

Hello all, sorry it has been so long since we have updated our blog. It has been a little extra busy in our home lately. And I told Brandon it was his turn to post, but he hasn't had the chance. So I wanted to share with everyone a wonderful experience Brandon and I had the past few weeks.

Well I guess we had a rough start when we got married. Not between us, but with outside factors. In fact, I am so glad we were here together, because I never would have made it through this alone. Right after we got married, Brandon found out he lost his job at The Music School and wasn't going to get paid for the past 2 months of his work. They went out of business and had no money to pay their employees. And my work has been struggling for a while with money and has always been late on my paychecks. But at this point, they were 4 paychecks behind. So Brandon and I both didn't have money coming in. Then we found out that Brandon did not get approved for Residency and we would have to pay the full out-of-state tuition amount at UVU. And then we found out we got denied for all our loan and grant applications. So Brandon's classes dropped since we didn't pay tuition. We didn't know what we were going to do.

Before the wedding, we were so busy planning, and busy going out of town for wedding and family things, that I never had the chance to pay my tithing for about 2 months. So finally that Sunday I caught up. This was really hard since we were struggling, but we didn't even second guess it. THAT SAME DAY, blessings started coming. I finally sold my hair which we were trying to do for a month, Brandon was able to stay at Square Magazine and get more hours so he could make some money, my work paid me all my paychecks they owed me, my Dad offered to be our Loan Lender and loan us the tuition money without interest (yep he is the best Dad ever!), and I got an interview for a second part-time job! We were overwhelmed with joy and tears as we realized who had sent these blessings. We knew exactly why we received them. This experience re-confirmed the truth that we must always go to the Lord first. We are so thankful for the Lord and the lessons he has taught us.

And actually, this situation brought Brandon and I closer as we dealt with our first "bump" in the road in marriage. And he was so good to me while I was so stressed! He has taught me how to relieve some of my stress and has helped me "try" to be more relaxed. He had complete faith in the situation. I have really learned a lot from Brandon since I met him. He is the calmest person ever, and does whatever he can to see the positive in any given situation. I am so thankful for my Father in Heaven who has blessed me with such an amazing husband. Without him, who knows where I would be!