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Disney World

We went to Disney World! But I wish we were still there. It was way too short for me.

I am still a seasonal employee, so all I have to do is work once a year to keep my status and still get the benefits. We got frequent flyer points so we decided to redeem our free flights and go to Orlando to escape for a weekend.

We left Thursday afternoon, the 23rd, and didn't get in to Orlando until midnight. But we didn't mind. We were so anxious! Brandon and I met my Mom and two sisters, Lindsey and Brittney down there in Florida. We had to wake up Friday morning to run some errands for me. I had to get my new ID, I had to have a re-look to make sure I still was approved as my characters. Then we went to Animal Kingdom during the day. I love this park! My most favorite show ever is the Lion King show. I think I have probably seen it 30 times or more now.. but I still get the goosebumps every time! I also love the Nemo show, the Dinosaur ride, the Safari ride, and the Everest ride. Seriously such an amazing park. Then we went to Epcot. I actually spent the first hour calling people for shifts, and going in to princess break rooms trying to get a shift. I had been trying for a month but could not get one until I got my re-look. So I was pretty desperate. But finally a girl in one of the break rooms gave me her shift! Whoo! So I worked as a Cindy "spare" Saturday morning at 6 am. So I sat around as an extra, waiting to make sure all the Cindy's (10 in Magic Kingdom a day) showed up for their shifts for the day. I was actually then moved to Epcot and did a lunch dining shift. When I worked full time there last year, that was my least favorite shift. But I loved it this time! I soaked up all the time I got with those little kids! I realized how much I missed it. Those kids were so fun! Then I met up with everyone in Magic Kingdom. We went on a bunch of rides, and even got Dole Whip! My favorite part was when we rode Splash Mountain, my Mom and Brit got completely soaked!

Sunday we went to Hollywood Studios all day. They have this new ride called Toy Story Mania. IT WAS AWESOME!! We rode it 3 times in a row. We were obsessed. It is like a ride, and you wear 3D glasses, and you shoot a Nerf-gun-like thing at a video screen and shoot targets. You get more points for certain ones. Seriously look it up online. Or go to Disney World or Land to see this ride! We hung out by the pool all day Monday until we had to leave for the airport.

I am so thankful for my family and Brandon for going down with me. We all needed a break from school and work.. so it was perfect. Here are some pictures:

Green Army Man! This was my favorite character to be.

The whole group at Hollywood Studios.

This is us really enjoying the Animal Kingdom Parade. I think this is one of the many moments we forgot our ages while we were there.

Magic Kingdom in front of Cinderella's Castle.

Zerg trapped us! This is from the Buzz Lightyear Ride.

At Epcot in front of the ball. I like him a lot!

I am pretty sure Brandon's favorite part of the trip was the food. I had coupons for free popcorn. Brandon had 4 popcorns in 1.5 days. He is obsessed!

My Mom will kill me when she sees this picture, but this is after she got SOAKED on Splash Mountain! She was a little surprised! haha