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I love Halloween! It is so fun to play dress up and run around and act kinda crazy. Even though I did this everyday for work at Disney World, I still love Halloween. We got to carve pumpkins with Allyx, Dan, Stephanie, and Dave the night before. We had awesome designs. I made mine into flowers. I got the idea from a Martha Stewart magazine cover in the check out line at Walmart when we were buying the pumpkins! haha. I was happy with it.

Halloween night I guess is different now that we are married though. Sad to say, but Provo kind of uses Halloween as an excuse to dress however you want. And act however you want. There are HUGE parties everywhere with tons of dancing and loud music. Even though I love to dance, I am just not really interested in going to those type of events anymore. So we went to Dan and Allyx's with Steph and Dave. Of course we all still dressed up. Allyx made really yummy Halloween desserts and foods. We played games all night and I actually had the time of my life! I love hanging out with them. And it is really fun to see how happy Brandon gets when he is around his guys.

This is us making the same faces as our pumpkins.

Carving pumpkins with the group.

Brandon and I on Halloween. I was his ball and chain.

Zombie Slayers, Ball and Chain, and Thing 1 and Thing 2.