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Chris and Julia's Wedding!

Chris, the youngest of 8 Marcum children tied the knot last Saturday, November 8th, to Julia Bradley. These two were so giddy the entire day. You could instantly tell how excited they were. They got sealed in the Rexburg, Idaho Temple. These two were actually the 1 millionth ordinance performed in the Rexburg Temple since its opening in February. Chris even raised the roof in the sealing room! Haha it was awesome. It was so fun to have the entire family there. And it was also fun being at a wedding, but not having it be ours. It was fun to watch and help out.

I am way excited to have Julia as a sister now! We are only 2 weeks apart so I know we will connect really well. She is so fun to be around. I can't wait for Thanksgiving!

The funniest part was Brandon and I received 5 gifts at their reception! We got married 3 months ago, but I guess some people didn't make it to ours and wanted us to still receive our gifts. Awesome right? That was our favorite part of getting married... the gifts! Keep them coming!

Brandon and I with the newlyweds.

We decorated their car. We had everyone write down advice for the couple on post-it notes and put them all over inside the car. It was way cool.

The kids signing the book.

I forced Jordan to hold my hand. By the look of his face, he thinks I am the worst aunt in the world.

Us outside the temple after the sealing.


Brett and Mallory said...

By the look on Brandon's face, he wasn't too happy about you holding Jordan's hand either :)