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Check out this article. I just found this on the internet randomly. I thought you all might enjoy reading it. Basically, a boy from BYU lied to his bishop that he was obeying the honor code. I am not sure exactly what he was doing, but it was bad enough that he got excommunicated from the church. He graduated in August '08, but BYU revoked his degree since his classes the last semester were not valid, since he was not obeying the honor code. Seems pretty understandable right? Well this guy created a calendar of returned missionaries. Each month has an RM on the page in his Missionary outfit, and then with just pants or small shorts on.... so shirtless. And he says since he got excommunicated, the sales on the calendar have doubled and he is happy about it. So he chooses damnation for some money? Hmmm.. well anyways, read the comments at the bottom. Everyone is blaming it on the church saying we are hypocritical and say this is all because we think we can do whatever we want.

Also you can google Men on a Mission Calendar and see other articles about it.


Jordan. said...

I heard about this some time ago. I really really really hate what satan has done to people. Absolutely inexcusable what this young man thinks he can do. It tears me up inside knowing what kind of skewed view people have of our church. I can't think about it too often, because anger builds up pretty fast.
Hopefully my mission will help that.