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Update on my Dad

I decided to drive out to Colorado this morning with my Mom's parents. I have had the hardest time being in Utah while my Dad is in the hospital. My Mom has spent the past 48 hours in the hospital with him and is completely exhausted. She gets about 10 phone calls every 30 minutes. So I just arrived to help. My two sisters, brother in law, and my grandparents are here. We pretty much spent the whole day in the waiting room.

I got to talk to my Dad. He is in so much pain. It really hurts him to open his eyes, so he kept them closed while we talked. He said he is extremely tired, but has had a hard time sleeping since he is continuously woken up by visitors. I swear he has had the entire city of Littleton visit him in his hospital room.

He complains that the whole right side of his body is really weak and he says his face feels like he just got out of the dentist. He keeps biting and rubbing his lips, but doesn't notice it. We found out today that almost half of his cerebellum is now dead, having permanent damage since blood and oxygen were unable to reach his brain. Also a part of his brain stem is dead as well. This is what has caused the dizziness and the numbness. The doctor says that he needs to get right in to physical therapy so they can teach his left side of his brain to compensate for the right side that is dead.

The hospital has been pretty strict on visitors so only 2 people are allowed in his room at a time. And no visitors are allowed between 230 and 430 everyday. He doesn't want to eat anything because he still feels extremely nauseous. They are keeping him in Critical Care until Friday at least.. then we will see where he is at.

It just makes me cry to see my sweet father in so much pain. At only 53 years old, I am so amazed by the extent of the stroke. He is very lucky though. I have been doing a lot of research and most cases result in permanent paralysis. AND THE PRAYERS ARE WORKING. His boss came to visit him today and extended his job until March, and offered severance pay for 3 months after that! So he will still be payed for another 6 months. Hopefully this disability will not hurt his chance of finding another job. SO KEEP PRAYING FOR HIM. HE NEEDS THEM.

Now, to the Marcum family.. I am very sorry that I will not be able to be in Idaho for Thanksgiving. I feel completely awful about this. I was really looking forward to spending my first holiday with my new family, but thank you for understanding and being supportive of my choice to be in Colorado at this time.

Feel free to call or text me with any questions. 303-903-2105. I love you all.


Stephanie said...

I love you Stephanie and am glad you are with your family at this time - please know I am praying for you and just am hoping for the best - I'm so glad to hear about your dad's job.

Maribeth said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Dad. My Dad had a stroke when he was 43. (11 years ago) it sounds somewhat similar. The doctors told us that he wouldn't be able to walk again. Nowadays the most noticeable ailment is that one of his vocal chords is paralyzed so his voice is raspy. He had to have a "brain drain" as he calls it to get some fluid out of his brain for a while and because he had multiple throat surgeries he was fed through a tube in his stomach. He walked with a cane for years after his stroke, but now he only uses it occasionally.
I can understand how scary it is, thank goodness for prayers because they really do help and we will be sure to keep him in ours.

Mauri said...

Steph I'm sorry to hear about your dad. I will keep him in my prayers. Let me know if you need anything!