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School, Work, and Play

Well it is the middle of the semester of school now and we are TOTALLY overwhelmed with everything going on. Seriously counting down the days until Thanksgiving break. I am extremely busy with school and sometimes pull all-nighters to get my homework done. Brandon has big projects due a lot and they take tons of time. He is also starting to work for a mobile marketing company called Xanthem. They provide companies with new options to market their consumers. It is a great idea! And it is the new thing now. Tons of companies are doing it. Like (Which we are OBSESSED with!). So anyways, Brandon is continuously creating new logos, business cards, and designing things for this new company. His first appointment with a potential client is on Tuesday!

At school I am working on 2 accounts in classes. One is called Job Pix, a college student job source website, and the other is UCMA, a mother and baby health care center in Payson Utah. They are not the most exciting accounts, but I am loving the experience. I am pretty much doing account planning right now, which basically is getting to know the consumers. I am in charge of figuring out who the consumers are and what they want. I never thought I would like this but it is fun! We even had to do an ethnography for each, and follow around a complete stranger for 3 hours. I had tons of fun with it! We are also editing and cutting all the film so I am learning tons of new things.

So basically every day this is our routine..
I got to work and school everyday around 8 AM. I get home at about 6:30, I start making dinner. Brandon goes to work and school everyday as well, and walks in the door around 7:15. We eat and talk until about 8, then since we don't have a dishwasher, we do the dishes together and continue to talk. At first, I was completely ok with not having a dishwasher, but now that we are even more busy, I want one so bad!! But we take turns washing and drying so it goes a lot faster having both of us do them. Then we go in to the second bedroom and sit at our separate desks, which face opposite walls, and do our homework. Then I usually go take a 15 minute nap, in purpose of "rejuvenating myself," but end up falling asleep around 11 or 12, then totally regret it when I wake up in a panic the next morning! Brandon lately has been falling asleep early as well, but somehow we take turns...

My Wednesdays I call my "Suicidal Days." This is when I have 3 quizzes due the next morning, and always at least one assignment or a midterm... since BYU believes in a midterms every 2 weeks. But somehow I make it through. Brandon is really helpful and supportive. He helps me calm down and wakes me up sometimes when I fall asleep too early.

I love cooking for him, even though I feel like I don't have enough time. We were given potatoes, carrots, onions, and tomatoes from Janene's garden, so we have some type of meal that incorporates those ingredients like every night! But it is awesome! We don't have to go to the store to buy those! And since I only get home like 45 minutes before Brandon, I try to make food that is quick so we can eat right when he gets home since I am always STARVING!! I mainly make mashed potatoes, chicken either breaded or marinated, steaks, chicken pillows, tacos, hamburgers, meatball surprises, stroganoff, stir-fry, homemade pizza, homemade lasagna, spaghetti, waffles, omelets, french toast, and beef stew (This is Brandon's favorite). Like I said, I love cooking, I just wish I had more time for it. I want more recipes so if anyone has something they love to make, send the recipe my way.. I am ALWAYS up for trying something new. We have tons of recipe books, but sometimes they are too overwhelming for me. I never know what to pick.

We always hang out with our friends Steph and Dave and Allyx and Dan. Yep, pretty much our only friends! And we love them! And we are soooo sad because they all are moving to Idaho the beginning of January so we will be complete losers after they move. I have to pretend like it isn't happening or else I will get really emotional. Oh and Steph and Dave are engaged!!! YAY! They are getting married on December 27th in the San Diego Temple. I am so excited. It will be so perfect. We went with Steph to her final dress fitting on Thursday and she looks GORGEOUS!! I can't wait until Dave gets to see her in the dress.