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I am 23

I had an awesome birthday. I got to go eat at Outback and pick a movie to watch. I chose The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 and Brandon was such a sport and watched it with me. This was an eventful week, both good and bad.

The Bad:

My Dad was submitted to the hospital late Saturday night because he had a stroke. (This does not help my emotional stage I am in lately). My Dad is only 53 and very active and healthy. He has a tear in his vertebral artery in the back of his head and blood clots have formed all around it. He is in a lot of pain and can't really comprehend what is going on. He is still in the hospital today, Sunday, getting several tests done. He also just recently found out that he will lose his job in December. So he needs your help. Please please please pray for my father that he may be able to become well and healthy again very soon.

One of our dear friends Dan Moedl got a kidney stone (on my birthday) and has been sick all week. Brandon and Dave gave him a blessing Friday and ever since he has been doing a lot better. His enormous kidney stone miraculously broke down by itself, and he is starting to "pass" pieces of it. Man, I am so thankful for the priesthood! He is still in pain though so say an extra prayer for him.

Now for the good:

Brandon and I at Outback for my birthday dinner. This is the birthday "dog" a.k.a Sundae I got to eat in celebration of turning 23.

Brandon eating the Bloomin' Onion at Outback. Man was he happy about eating there!

This is the "Slave Packet" I received as a gift from my Hubby. I am super excited to redeem my slave rewards. Examples: 3 full body massages, 2 times he will clean the bathroom without complaining, 3 times he will wash AND dry the dishes.. and more!

I was craving pumpkin chocolate chip cookies so bad so while I waited for Brandon to get home from school on my birthday, I made myself some birthday cookies. Note there were a LOT more cookies than this and I took this picture the day after I made them!

All my old roommates took me out to dinner for my birthday on Thursday night. It was so fun to have a night with the girls and to hang out with them all again. I am the first to get married out of all 10 (3 not pictured) of us, so it is always kind of awkward between the singles and the married.

We went to see Twilight on Friday. My awesome friends Steph and Allyx got me this Twilight jacket and I sported it around all day! I have decided I need to see the movie again to really decide what I thought about it. NOTHING from my ideas in my head were close to how they portrayed it all in the movie. It made me so sad to see Edward as a skinny, gross teethed-really red lipped- boy.. but overall I would say I am happy with the movie and want to see it again.

Me crocheting with my kitties..

This is a horrible picture, but as I have mentioned Brandon and I tend to match and we do not plan on it ever. This was on our way to Zuppas for our anniversary dinner and we both walked out in white hoodies with something in a shade of pink on the front. I was wearing a white headband so I made Brandon put one on too so we could be totally matching. He only kept it on for a few moments.

Mike and Leslie stayed with us one night this weekend, and Mike fell in love with the kittens.. and this is a big deal! This is Mike and Gunner. Notice Gunner's paws.. he is so darn cute!

Miracles really do happen! Gas has dropped below 2 dollars! I have not seen this since high school. I sang at the top of my lungs, "Hallelujah" as I drove past this gas station.

The day has finally come! I made funeral potatoes for Brandon. He has been talking about these potatoes his Mom makes ever since we got married. So I got the recipe from Janene so I could make Brandon happy.. and it worked!

I am convinced Utah has some of the best sunsets EVER! Sunsets make me very happy so I thought I would share this one with all of you. I saw this on my drive home one night this week.


Erica said...

Steph & Brandon - We are sorry to hear about your dad and will keep him in our prayers. I couldn't believe how young he is...he's only 10 years older than Bryan. Please let us know his progression. And you pictures and the time you spend together is inspiring. Always stay close, sacrifice for each other, do little - and big - things to help the other person or to just make them smile. Put each other first and your marriage will grow strong. We love you both and already consider you a wonderful example of love, fun, and respect. We love you.

Whittney and Ryan said...

Steph, I am so sorry about your Dad, I hope everything goes okay. ALso I am so glad you had a happy birthday! I had a birthday "dog" on Saturday too not because it was my birthday but somtimes after a long day of working at the Outback i need some ice cream, and theres is so good! I love your Twilight jacket so cute! Oh and out here gas is down to One fifty somthing!!! Its so awsome hopefully it keeps going down out there too! miss you

Brittney said...

Sorry to hear about your dad ... that's never good. Happy birthday, though. You guys seem to be having a great time being married. It's definitely the best.

Meagan said...

I think the singing candle deserves being mentioned. Lol.

Lord Stanley said...

Mrs. Marcmo-

Feel free to set me up with your hot babe old roomies.


Mr. Stanley