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Can you believe it?! It has been three months. It honestly feels like so much longer than that. We are so comfortable with each other that it feels like we have been married forever! But in a completely good way. We are planning on going to Zupas tonight for dinner. It is our favorite. I can't wait.

So it is my birthday on Tuesday, the 18th, and I told Brandon all I wanted for my birthday is for him to go to my workout classes with me. I have been dying for someone to join me. Well since he has school every night next week, I made him go to kickboxing this morning with me. He lasted about 15 minutes and then walked out. He told me he couldn't do it and was too embarrassed. He is so adorable! He actually did really well, he just needs to not worry about other people. And we were in the very back and no one was looking at him, but he was still worried. I am just happy that he tried. And it made me soo happy to see how he really did want to go for me.

So like I said my birthday is Tuesday. Well Brandon is the absolute BEST HUSBAND EVER and got me kitties for an early birthday present! I have been begging him for a kitty and he has always told me that he will let me get a kitty if he could get a new computer. Well the computer he needs is at least $1000 so I figured I was never going to get a kitty since we we can't afford a new computer. Well I guess last week, when I went to dinner with he girls, Brandon went to go look at kitties, but fell in love with them, he brought them home that night! A week and a half before my birthday. They are they cutest things you have ever met. And so entertaining. All they do it sleep and wrestle. We got 2 boys from the same litter. They love playing. We clipped their claws last night and they hated it. They meowed like crazy. I felt really bad. But now they can't climb on the bed and it makes it totally worth it. Here are some pictures:

This is Sniper. He really likes to play Hide and Go Seek.

This is Gunner. He is really really fast and can jump like no other!

This is them wrestling.. they usually kick each other in the face like this.

Steph and Dave came to visit the kitties!

My boys sleeping. They like to go wherever Daddy is at.

He fell asleep doing his homework.. haha

Just going out with Dad..

This video is of Sniper playing with his new toy. Gunner found the bag more interesting!


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Stephanie said...

love all the cute pics and the updates on your lives! your kittens are adorable and we just love seeing you all the time :) don't worry, we will still hang out when we live in idaho!! no worries!

Bonnie said...

I love the update on your blog. The kittens of course are as cute as ever. The names you chose for them are great! You and Brandon are so good together and you seem very happy. We love you both.


Mel said...

How cute are your little kitties! Now when people ask when you'll have kids you can smile and say you have fraternal twins :)

I'm so happy I can keep up with you on this little guy now! Happy Birthday!

Mauri said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Your kittens are so cute!! I miss you! Hope to see you soon!

Maribeth said...

Cute kittens. Sadly if a cat gets too close to my face I get extremely itchy and sneezy. It's a shame cuz they are all cute. I wonder why kittens and puppies can't just stay that way....