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ew Steph, that is really gross.

So I am sick. How this disease made it in to my body is a mystery to all. Last Wednesday my throat started to hurt really bad. Then the muscle aches came. Then I was super tired. Then my throat stopped hurting and I started to cough. Then my nose became stuffy. I gained a fever and it likes to break mid-day and make me sweat like a freaking pig. I went home from work early last Thursday and I slept for 16 hours straight. But I still have to work every day because some odd reason the mortgage industry doesn't want to go on hold when I am sick. Weird. All of my co-workers have to listen to me cough and blow my nose all day. Yesterday a co-worker told me, "Ew Steph, that is really gross." She was completely serious and I think she wanted me to leave this planet.

I taught Relief Society on Sunday for my first time. I am 24 years old and the average age of my ward is probably about 85. So I felt a little out of my league. I have only taught primary and my calling is Activity Day Director, but a lady who teaches Relief Society asked me if I could sub for her while she went out of town. I asked her if we had substitute teachers in our ward and she told me yes and waited for my response. Of course I couldn't say no! And of course I had to get sick right before I had to teach. You may think I need to be struck by lightening right now, but just hear me out. The lesson was on Jesus Christ, but the material was VERY limited. It was about 5 paragraphs, so I started to freak out. I had no idea how I would teach for an hour! And the lesson from the previous week covered some of the material and the lesson from next week covers some of the material, so I didn't want to repeat or take away from anyone else's lesson. But then I started to do research and WOW! There was so much. It took me probably 10 hours to prepare my lesson. I had to figure out a way to cut down the material I had. My fever decided to break right before I started the lesson. I was wearing a thick sweater and I couldn't take it off. So pit stains were definitely evident and so were the extremely red cheeks and the sweat droplets dripping from my forehead. Overall, the lesson went really well. I wasn't nervous, and I felt very comfortable in front of everyone. I learned a lot from my research. I knew someone was helping me plan that lesson. I felt like I was supposed to say those things to those women. So I thank her for my experience. It was a great Valentine's Day and I am thankful for it.

And now Brandon and I will be speaking in church in about 3 weeks. Wish us luck:)

Oh and P.S. We did nothing for Valentine's Day. Being sick doesn't exactly put you in the mood for much activity.


Leslie said...

That girl you work with sounds like a hooch. I will take her out for you. Haha. Good job with giving a lesson when you feel like death. I will call you back asap.

Paul & Rachel said...

good news - your blog pic is a-dorable! i am sorry you are sick! that is seriously no fun! and your comment about teaching RS made me laugh - haha - i'm in YW's - so teaching that is definitely not that big of an ordeal :) unless i try to incorporate personal progress haha

Chris and Morgan said...

Hey you have what Chris has now and what I had right before him! And we had to give talks in Church last sunday and then go to an assisted living home and give them again! There was even a sign on the front door of the AL home that said "if you are coughing or your throat hurts, please do not come in as we are trying to keep the flu away" seems to me that in order to give talks or lessons, you have to be sick

Keela said...

Hey Steph!
Geez--I forgot how funny you are. I know you are sick, but I've got to give it to ya...I miss your sense of humor. I got that very thing....or something kind of like it just weeks before our wedding and it took a pretty intense series of antibiotics to knock it out. I hope you get to feeling better very soon!

Cyndi said...

You are so funny! I love your Disneyworld post! You guys look like you had a blast! good luck with the speaking! I know you guys will do great!