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Super Duper Bad Blogger

I have been a super duper bad blogger. They blocked all the computers at work, so I cannot access it from there anymore. And let's face it, blogging becomes last on the priority list after a long day of work. Besides, I have no motivation to do it when I get home. Tonight I promised Brandon I would make him Funeral Potatoes (he helped me with a project this week) so I have to wait an hour and a half for them to finish baking before I can go to bed. So here I am.

Let me summarize our lives lately:

1. Easter is the best time of the year. My favorite candy, Mini Eggs, are available! Every year I stock up on these delicious things, put them in the freezer to try to last me the whole year. Well they end up lasting to about June or July. But all the stores are out! Seriously? What am I gonna do!!!

2. Brandon is still busy with school. He got home tonight at about 9:30pm.

3. I still have a job (please hold applause until the end).

4. I have a 3 week break from Activity Days. Is it bad that I am happy about that?

5. Brandon and I spoke in church last Sunday. A guy in the ward came up to us afterwards and asked us for a copy of our talks. It made us feel special.

6. Gunner is "stressed." For those of you who do not blog stalk us, Gunner is our gray cat. We took him to the vet because he has this thing lately that he likes to pee on anything and everything. The vet did some tests and decided it is because of all the animals that live around us. They are stressing him out. He put Gunner on Prozac for cats. Then he told us how to really fix it: move. Sweetness. Now to find another apartment that allows cats, but doesn't have a zoo below us... good luck to us.

7. I have been busy working on a project that I cannot disclose until Saturday. But I am proud of it and glad that I am done with it.

8. Vampire Diaries is playing new episodes again!

9. We are counting down the days until Glee is back on! 2 weeks from yesterday!!

10. We have watched one episode of the 6th season of Lost. We are finally on the last season, but we are behind.

11. We went to the Festival of Colors at the Spanish Fork Hindu Temple. We got dirty.


The results.

Close ups are very flattering.
The crowd.12. We are going to Mexico in a month from tomorrow!!!!
We are staying here.

Allegro Nuevo Vallarta

13. We went up to my Grandparents' house. We went sledding and snowmobiling.
We found a moose antler
Cousins.Their animals love each other.
14. Brandon went to St. George with his family to play golf. He left me love notes. I really enjoyed them. This one I discovered when I pulled back the covers to go to bed:)

Please notice Brandon's sweet golfing pants. They have golfing penguins on them!15. We like to mini-golf. We went this past weekend. Brandon likes to mini-golf to practice. I like to mini-golf because I win every time :)

I won!

We went with cool friends DJ and Kyra.
Tough shot?16. Brandon and I decided on our first boy's name. But we will not disclose it until we actually become pregnant. Maybe we think about this subject too often?

17. We got gym memberships. But yet, we can't seem to put the ice cream down!

18. We are still waiting on my work to decide about Africa. So no update. Just waiting.

I think that is all. Peace, Love and Harmony.... Steph and Brandon.