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Fun Weekend

We had a fun weekend! I stole Brandon from Big Bertha (Brandon replaced Bessie, his computer, with Big Bertha... an even bigger computer who is his second girlfriend), and we spent a lot of time together. This is rare since he is so busy with homework, so I REALLY enjoyed it!

Friday we went to our friends' cabin near Brighton and went snowmobiling. The machines were so fast and it was all so fun. We got stuck several times which was embarrassing, but overall it was a blast!

Me and Jessica Bingham Kehl

Bryan, Jessica, me, BrandonFriends Austin and Anna

It snowed so much on Friday. Look at all the powder! And this isn't just snow piled up. It is the actual depth!

On Saturday I got to to hang out with my best friend growing up, Leslie! Loved it. We went shopping and had lunch with another mutual friend Shelli.

On Saturday we also got massages! Brandon has never gotten a professional massage. Can you believe it?! So for Valentine's Day I decided I wanted to get him a massage, but then I got sick and didn't have time to get the gift certificate, so I ended up just telling him my plan. Then we decided together to wait 3 weeks so then I could get one too and we could get them buy one get one free! So we went to the Utah College of Massage Therapy and got 2, sixty minute massages for the price of one! Let me tell you... we both were very satisfied!

Sunday we had my cousins over for dinner. My cousins Taylor and Colton are freshman at BYU. And they have been going to school since August, so I am embarrassed to say this was our first time having them over. But I hope they will forgive me! They requested Lasagna and dessert. I was super worried about the recipes I used, but it turned out great... well at least that is what Brandon tells me. He is so sweet when it comes to my cooking. He says everything is delicious :)

Anyways, I didn't take any pictures of the food, but here is the table set up! I just love our dishes.

We played Bananagrams after. It is like Speed Scrabble. Super fun! I think I want to buy it!

Now Brandon is hanging out with Big Bertha again and I am typing this. Can't wait for next weekend with my hubby!