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What We Have Been Up To Lately.

Since I never post, I thought I would share with you all what we have been up to lately.

As discussed in an earlier post, I am no longer working. At first I was very upset and heart broken about it. But now I am feeling like it was meant to be. I think I needed to get used to the feeling of being home all the time before the baby came. I am not going to lie, I became very sad being at home and not having anything to do. I am SO used to working, that I didn't know what to do with myself! If I went through this when the baby came, it could have been a very depressing first few weeks. So I think this was meant to be. I have more time to prepare for the baby, and get things ready. I have more time to spend with Brandon, more time to take care of the house, and more time to take care of myself. I have more time to spend with friends and family, and time to catch up on projects that have been sitting on my to-do list since August.

Since I am not working, I have also been able to do more things that would have required me to take time off of work.. which I am not certain would have been allowed. But anyways, we have been busy lately!

We went to Boise to check out the city. I have never been there so we decided to go see it to see how we liked it. We wanted to look for jobs here for Brandon.

I have family in Boise, so they helped us tour the city.

View of downtown Boise. Beautiful!
We got our hair done by my cousins!
Family photo.  Jeff and Linda and 5 of 6 kids.
Noah loves Brandon.  He wanted a picture of him standing on Brandon.
Noah also wanted a picture of Brandon standing on him!
Our adorable niece Greta turned 1!!! The past year has for sure flown by!  She is now 14 months old!

We then went to San Diego. We met my parents, little sister, Grandma and Grandpa, aunt and uncle and their 3 boys, and aunt and cousins.

We hung out on the beach... went for daily walks.
We ate a lot.
Fish House on the Pier.

Casa De Pico Mexican... yum.

And we were really full. Whose stomach is bigger?!

We went and saw the seals on the beach.
And enjoyed the sunset.

Everyone loves to touch the belly.
Because it's "Clearly Not A Secret!"
I have gotten together with some girlfriends.  My friend Heather treated us to the Melting Pot!

 We have gone out to eat a few times. We decided to try out the Purple Turtle... a famous burger joint here in Pleasant Grove.

 I got the thinnest burger known to man and it was super expensive!  I vote "nay" on the purple turtle.
 I have been doing some projects.. I made some burp cloths!  These are super easy and make the cloth diaper burp cloth look so much better!

I also made some pillows. Pictures and a tutorial are on its way.

I have been washing all of the baby clothes. First load!
My parents and little sister came in town for Spring Break.  We went to conference!  I had to sit in the hall on a couch for a while, but I made it through!
We ate at the Spaghetti Factory.  And ate spumoni ice cream. Yum.
Spaghetti Factory.

We ate at JCW's and had a COMPLETELY raw hamburger. After waiting for 20 minutes in the drive thru... we didn't want to go back.
We had Spoon It Up Yogurt. My Dad loved it!
Spoon It Up.
Spoon It Up.

We ate at the Olive Garden to celebrate Brian's 23rd birthday.
We set off balloons for Brian's birthday with my Mom's parents and Nettie and family.
Then we set off balloons with my dad's parents.
We got together with friends at the Barkers for dinner and games.  We played Just Dance and it was amazing!
This is extremely embarrassing, but hilarious. Good thing it is blurry!

The boys gettin' it done.

 More updates to come... so stay tuned!!


Sourire said...

Love all the photos! You look beautiful :) I know you must be so DONE being pregnant... hopefully baby will be here soon!

Love you.

Leslie said...

I didn't know you went to SD! HOw fun! Awww....seeing all of your extended family makes me miss them. You are ALMOST there!!! YAY!!!

Chris loves Julia said...

I love when you blog! We never tried the Purple Turtle....from the looks of it I am kinda glad we didn't.

Pillows?? I can't wait for pics and the cloth diaper burp cloths that I was gifted were SO absorbent. If I have another spitter, I'm definitely investing in more.

Rachel said...

san diego! jealous@ don't move to boise move to denver :)

Kelsi Fullmer said...

You have been so busy! So many fun things! So excited for our little boys to come! You look fab too!!