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Permanent House Guests

We have made some purchases lately that have been very good ideas. So I wanted to share them:)

First we purchased a rug that was on sale. We got it for a steal! We have been wanting a big rug since we got married but couldn't find one for a decent price that we liked. This one is perfect. Except for the fact that the cats love it and it collects hair very quickly. So I have vacuumed it every day since we got it. Oh well.

And next are the cat beds. We had a laptop shelf thingy that I would use to study with while on the couch or bed. We decided to put a blanket over this for the cats to lie on. Well Sniper would lie on it but Gunner wouldn't get close. We recently got a new couch and don't allow the cats up on the couch. Well since Gunner had no where to sleep at night, every night after we would go to bed and close our bedroom door, he would jump up on the couch and sleep there! So I decided to try out a cat bed and see how he liked it. Our cats love the feeling of "hiding" and go under anything. So I got this bed.

Well not only did Gunner love it, but Sniper loved it too. They would fight over it. The second one of the cats got out of it, the other cat would sneak in right away. When Sniper would sleep in there, Gunner still didn't have anywhere to sleep, so he would continue to get on the couch. So we purchased a second one. Now they are in heaven. They haven't picked beds yet, but tend to just go in the one that the other isn't in. But I seriously think this is the best purchase we have made in a very long time. No more cat hair on the couch and they LOVE them! I suggest these beds to any cat owners out there.


Chris loves Julia said...

Uhhh.... we NEED to come visit your apartment more. I love that rug! And those cat beds made me literally crack up out loud. That is so funny! Are those their name tags on the front?

Leslie said...

Way cute rug! I love it!!!

Sourire said...

I love your rug set up! Looks fabulous. hope you guys are enjoying conference weekend.